OUR 104: Jeopardy Champion & Comic, Dr. Bemo

10.21.14 010

The weird part about being 34 years old is I feel like I’m neither old nor young. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I’m not young in the sense where life is ahead of me and down the road on a horizon somewhere. I’m not old in the sense where I’ve lived anything resembling a complete life. It’s an odd feeling. I’m kind of in the thick of it right now, or should be at least. It is a funny thing though that anyone in their twenties seems very young to me. I mean when I was a kid being twenty-anything meant adult situations, real life, and people living to their fullest. Basically I got all my assumptions from watching Melrose Place. But now I see someone in their twenties and all I think, “is that how to dress to be cool now?” By the way I’m well aware that in ten years I’ll be saying the same thing about people in their thirties. Just imagine when we’re all in our seventies and eighties and complaining about the younger generation of people in their fifties and their crazy life style. Thirty four’s alright I guess, but seriously Melrose Place was a good show.

My movie game got off to a decent start with comedian and Jeopardy Champion Dr.Bemo. It needs some minor tweaking here and there. Here’s the thing with movies and why they’re so universal. They’re everywhere. Good, bad, short, long, big budget and small. They are so ingrained into your culture that we really just accept them as part of our growing up and life. Case in point is bad movies. How many times does someone mention a bad movie from a long time ago and more than one person will say, “I love that movie”? It happens because good or bad a movie may remind us of a time. So the quality of the movie is secondary. It’s an emotion we get from being in that moment for a brief time. That’s why I think the movie game has potential. Keep listening, I’ll keep on it.

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