Stupid Questions 041: “Good Shed,” with comedian Keane Clark!


Keane Clark joins Jason to talk about the great Comedy Shows he has been able to run at his renovated shed. It has been about a year and a half since the first show there, and it has continued to be a fun place to have comedy shows.

In the past year Keane has been able to produce many shows with a lot of comedians that have great credits to their name including comics that have been on: Last Comic Standing, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Comedy Central, etc.

Check out this episode and check out some upcoming shows at Keane’s Comedy Shed.

Keane Clark:

Twitter: @boozeforbrains

Jason Harvey:

Twitter: @jason_harvey




OUR 158: Salt Lake Tribune’s, Tony Jones!


Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Brittany Johnson welcome Salt Lake Tribune Sport Reporter for the NBA and Utah Jazz, Tony Jones. Tony talks about the rehabilitation and return of Utah Jazz point guard Dante Exum, and the challenges of building personal relationships with players over the years.

Tony addresses the expectations and his predictions of the Utah Jazz this coming NBA Season. He also weighs in on the potential challenges the Golden State Warriors face and explains to Sascha the magic behind Utah Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward.

Tony talks about the current controversy in the NFL regarding Colin Kaepernick and his right to a peaceful protest. Tony explains the importance of sports in today’s society and his love for the Salt Lake Tribune and Utah’s Passionate fan base.

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Tony Jones:

Tony Jones: https://twitter.com/ Tjonessltrib

You can Find Tony Jones’ Salt Lake Tribune Articles Here: http://www.sltrib.com/ staff/tony-jones/

Dante Exum Article: http://www.sltrib. com/sports/4394464-155/utah- jazz-fully-recovered-from-his


People’s Podshow 011: Cosplay Crusaders!


My guests this week; Kira, Asbhy and Andy are the focus of this episode and they are cosplay enthusiasts. What does that mean? Essentially, they gather with friends and dress up as characters from anime, cartoons, comics, movies and television shows! Sometimes at conventions and, of course, on Halloween, but hey, sometimes for fun… because entering another world or another persona is fun, right?

The group talks about an upcoming event called Anime Banzai, how many costumes they own, which characters they like portraying the most and even weightier topics like body shaming and harassment in the cosplay community.

Do you have a hobby you like to that is often scrutinized? Visit the People’s Podshow’s Facebook page and tell us your story. If you are in the Greater Salt Lake are and you are interested in banding together with a motley crew of part-time heroes and villains contact Kiki Furia (Kira’s stage name so-to-speak) on Facebook as well.

May the force be with you? Nanu nanu? Live long and prosper? Insert whatever catch phrase you want here. As long as you’re excellent to each other when you party on dudes.


Stupid Questions 040: “Clean Up On The Comedy Aisle”


Patrick Ramirez, a Salt Lake City comic that moved to LA almost two years ago returned to do a couple of shows at Club at 50 West this past week. Jason was able to do a few shows with him, so they recorded this short episode of Stupid Questions. Ramirez was formerly was a cohost on Ol’ Ute Radio at the University of Utah (K-UTE Radio) which is now on Earwholemedia.com. Ramirez is the person that introduced Jason and Sascha (the producer of every podcast on the Earwholemedia.com).

He is one of the reasons that Stupid Questions is a podcast. So please sit back and enjoy this episode. They talk about Patrick’s move to LA and some of the best and worst places he has performed since moving. They also cover who would be the best person from American Idol to drive around to appointments and random errands, all of this and more on this episode of Stupid Questions.

Patrick Ramirez:

Twitter: @patrickinmyhead

Jason Harvey:

Twitter: @jason_harvey





OUR 157: Comedian & Founder of ‘Stand Up For Pits,’ Rebecca Corry


The show begins with Sascha Blume and Brittany Johnson exposing Johnny McKeon’s ignorance and inexperience about the Vietnamese dish Pho. The conversation drifts to dating and the state of casual relationships in a post Tinder era and what Johnny considers an expensive “date.”

Standup Comedian Rebecca Corry calls into the Show. Rebecca will be headlining Club 50 West on September 16th and 17th with her “Stand Up For Pits” show on September 18th. Rebecca explains how she became the President and Founder of the ‘Stand Up For Pits Foundation,’ a nonprofit dedicated to ending abuse, discrimination, and saving the lives of pit bull type dogs.

Rebecca Corry delves into the misconceptions of pitbull’s, discusses the harsh and unethical treatment of pitbull’s, the sexual abuse, the real costs of using a breeder as opposed to adopting from a kennel, and the memories of her personal pitbull, Angel.

She explains her start as a warmup act for the Jenny Jones Show, Her guest spot on the hit CBS show, “2 Broke Girls”, the audition process, and the difference between being a standup comedian and actress.

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Stupid Questions 038: “Still Standing,” with Comedian Marcus


If you have ever seen Marcus live you have seen someone who appears larger than life on stage!

His energy and his ability to make a show unique and personal to those attending, make him stand out to me as not only a funny comic, but a fun performer that can transform a night of laughs into something more memorable. Marcus is a powerhouse of a performer.

Marcus is sharp, fun, and always delivers! Go see him live, you won’t regret it. He is all of this and he is the guest on this episode of Stupid Questions.

Marcus and Jason talk about collecting toys/figures/collectables, Wiseguys Comedy Club, the successes Marcus has had over the years, and how he is still happy to be able to perform live comedy.

Marcus talks a lot of what happened behind the scenes the year he was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He talks about regrets, learning and growing as a comic/performer and about how important it is to live in the moment, feel it, and soaking it in.

Give this episode a listen, it is a great one. Then go get tickets to see Marcus live.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedianMarcus

Jason Harvey:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jason_harvey


OUR 156: Shane and the ‘Beef Cakes’!


Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, & Brittany Johnson welcome Rock 106.7 personality Shane Murphy to the show. Shane talks about getting his start as a ‘Monster Truck,’ announcer at the age of 16, dealing with the energy of a crowd and how to talk to an arena full of people.


Sascha and Shane discuss the importance of staying humble, the necessity of paying your dues in the media and the ‘give and take,’ of finding your place as an on air personality. The conversation turns to the balance of managing social media in this digital age and media’s focus on cultivating an online presence.

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