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AREA 52 #036: “Bases Loaded”

We’ve all heard of Area 51 and the long running rumors that the government allegedly keeps aliens and UFOs there, but were you aware that there are supposedly dozens of these secret bases located around the world? Maybe even some right under your feet!

You see, some people believe that governments have built secret underground bases all over the world. From nuclear submarine bases in China, to a possible Russian death mountain, an alien genetic testing lab in New Mexico and even a CIA run installation in the middle of Australia.

Join us and our once again very special guest, Melissa Merlot, as we discuss the possible existence of these bases, the stories that surround them, what they’re doing and why it’s not all that farfetched to believe they really exist. Subscribe!


People’s Podshow 015: Moise Bently — Highly Recommended!

Moise Bently’s (think “noise” with an “m”) came to me by referral. That was the first unique thing about this interview. The second? Most of the rappers I am put in contact with are from Utah and don’t really have a polished, international aura about them like Bently. Even though he hasn’t done much press, he presented himself as a polished professional and came with a high recommendation from one of Utah’s most heralded rap artists and battle emcees, Emerson Kennedy (aka EMRSN or EK).

In this interview, we introduce Moise to the People’s Podshow audience and discuss everything from philanthropy, to cars, to fashion, to his native land, the Ivory Coast. I have a feeling that Moise won’t be making any slow-paced, introspective, politically-charged songs any time soon. For now, his modus operandi seems to be making club hits and radio anthems in an attempt to gain an audience before he gets into the studio to make a full-fledged entry to his discography. Whatever the future holds for Bently, don’t expect excuses and complacency to be a part of his day-to-day operation. “It’s all about hard work…” he says.

You can hear and see more from Moise Bently @MoiseBentlyMusic and:





AREA 52 #030: “Magic Bullet Points”


This week we commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the assassination President Kennedy! Even after all these years, there is no clear answer to whom did it. Some people believe the “lone gunman” theory and think that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer! Some people believe that Oswald didn’t act alone!

In this episode we discuss: Who killed President Kennedy! Was it the mafia? Was it the CIA? Could one man in the book depository building have pulled it off or does the infamous ‘Zapruder Film,’ prove that he was shot from the front?

Join us this week as we discuss all the theories, questions, inconsistencies and possible motives behind perhaps the most famous assassination in American history, the murder of JFK!


OUR 162: Actor ‘Lee Liston’


Actor Lee Liston stops by Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume & Wayne Thompson Jr.

Lee talks about being a little person and how he has found success through acting. Lee explains the audition process, his method for getting into character and acting while in prosthetic makeup. Check out Lee’s commercial.


Sascha and Johnny talk about meeting Lee at Sundance Film Festival and the importance of networking. Lee explains why he feels, at the moment, it’s better for his acting career to stay in Salt Lake City than moving to Los Angeles.

Lee explains talking on screen, losing yourself in the moment and winning his award for Best Actor in a commercial at the Utah Film Awards.

Lee Liston also discusses his other creative and artistic talents and the new music album that he is currently working on.

Make sure you watch Wayne in this video.


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