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OUR 039: Steve Schmall and Comedy Writer, Doug O. Perkins


Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume talk about an appearance made by the Utah Jazz Dancers to promote Cancer Awareness. Johnny shares his experiences having to move his hoarder parents. Sascha Blume talks about his upcoming move and how he has done nothing to prepare for it. Sascha has a run in with the campus cops after they threatened to shut down K-UTE Radio for playing music too loud.
Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes National Physique Committee Steve Schmall Chairman. Steve talks about the influence that Arnold Schwarzenegger had on him as a young teen watching Conan. Steve tells the listeners some the history behind Competition bodybuilding in Utah, what supplements to use and great advice for what to look for when choosing a trainer. The local NPC Show is October 19. More information can be found on www.npcutah.com

Sascha Blume shares some news about a Birthday cake bandit that attacked and molested a cake in a Washington courthouse. A couple in Ogden Utah were wounded from a gun cleaning accident at 2 a.m. Sascha reads an article that summarizes the consequences and repercussions of the events of Oktoberfest.


The boys close out the show with an interview with Comedy Writer Doug O. Perkins. Doug wrote for the show “Scare Tactics” and got his start in Los Angeles with an internship and has not looked back since.