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Toy Soup’s Podcast 03: “Once upon a time in the land of horse shit,” With Jason Wild


Happy post-New Year!

After a small holiday break (Andrew experimented with surgery and lortabs while Troy just experimented) we have recorded a new podcast.

Bam! Smack! Slap!

Our good friend and fellow improviser Jason Wild from the local bad ass improv group Quick Wits joined us for our romp through the world of making shit up. It was fun and educational. Jason brought his bearded powers to the table and did not disappoint creating a hilarious array of characters, including a super creepy pedophile, thanks Jason…thanks for that.

So throw on some head phones and have a listen, but you might want to turn down the volume so you don’t offend everyone else in the room.


Camp Jacky 036: Mi Plaza es su Plaza!

When Jacky learns that the Farmer’s Market is closing down for the winter, he uses his own body as a meat shield to protect vegetables from corporate greed!

Will Jacky tie himself to a tree?

Does he do it for courage or for ratings?

Who is this man?  Will he kill? Has he killed before?

Does he treat women differently than men?

Will he be gunned down by his own police force?!

Find out tonight on Camp Jacky!

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