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AREA 52 #039: “Keeping It Real”

What if Morpheus from the Matrix was right? What if everything around us, everything we knew, was all a giant and complex simulation run by our more advanced, post-human descendants?

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, there are some really smart people out there that actually believe this could be true, and there seems to be some arguments that actually back this theory up. From some pretty sound logic to actual computer code that seems to be written in the fabric of space, join us this week as we, along with our special guest, our producer Sascha Blume, as we discuss why the idea of all of us living inside a simulation really isn’t that crazy.

Buckle up, kids, it’s about to get deep.


People’s Podshow 018: Presenting Poet…

Considering his lifestyle and sensibilities, there’s no wonder why Poet has been a part of the Podshow since its inception!

With topics that focus on politics, homelessness and social justice, he’s active in the community through his art and his profession (he works at the Road Home).

You can hear his passion for societal change in his sophomore album, Radical Thought, which drops January 29th on iTunes for $4.99. It features local talent like Dusk Raps and Myster E, as well as Chris Rivers, the son of deceased rap legend Big Pun. #forthepeople


AREA 52 #038: “A World of Monsters”

We’ve all heard about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, they’re famous all around the world. From pictures and sightings and hype, these “celebrity monsters” are household names to even the most skeptical folks out there, but did you know there are a dozens of less famous unexplained cryptids that are reportedly seen all around the world every year?

Join us this week as we, along with return guest Melissa Merlot, take a trip around the globe and discuss the monsters and myths that, while not being as well known, still have many people living in fear. So, are these people crazy or are we all really living in a world full of monsters?


Dirtpod 041: “2017”

This week, Allen is finally back and with the band all together again, we take a brief look back at 2016 and then discuss all the mucus news for the upcoming year, from the 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees to all the artists who are expected to release new albums.

We also talk about singers letting their voices age gracefully, decide definitively who the greatest rock band of all time is and hear about a country music conspiracy theory so insane that it just might he be true.


AREA 52 #037: “Witch, Please!”

“In 1692, a small village in Massachusetts called Salem became the site of the most famous witch trials in American history and lead to the deaths of 20 people, but was there any actual witchcraft involved or was it all just an extreme case of mass hysteria brought on by impressionable, attention starved children?

Join us this week as we discuss the sad and fascinating case of the Salem Witch Trials, the reasons why it may have happened and how things really haven’t changed as much as we think.”


People’s Podshow 017: DJ Spotlight #2 – Street Jesus…The West Village Sessions

I coaxed my homie into making some mixes for the podcast last summer and even though the conditions weren’t the best and he was a bit inebriated we hammered out a few mixes in my small sweltering apartment on the University of Utah campus.

The blend I’m featuring this week was an attempt to reach every ear I could. It’s a 36-minute edited mix of contemporary songs with a few older songs mixed in so you, your backpacker homies, the party goers, and even the old school heads can vibe wherever you listen to music at.

I think I got everyone covered. Let me know what you think about the mix and if you have music to contribute or want to lend your skills on the turntables, please send your material to thepeoplespodshow@gmail.com.


Dirtpod 040: “Soldiers of Love”

This week, we welcome very special guest, TV personality Casey Scott. Casey, a longtime fixture of the Salt Lake morning news scene and huge comedy fan, lets loose and discusses everything from how he approaches keeping it funny on live television every morning to pissing on a roof next to one of the guys from Hanson. For real!

We also discuss new music, remember George Michael and reflect on Donny Osmond’s bad boy phase. Subscribe!

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