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AREA 52 #036: “Bases Loaded”

We’ve all heard of Area 51 and the long running rumors that the government allegedly keeps aliens and UFOs there, but were you aware that there are supposedly dozens of these secret bases located around the world? Maybe even some right under your feet!

You see, some people believe that governments have built secret underground bases all over the world. From nuclear submarine bases in China, to a possible Russian death mountain, an alien genetic testing lab in New Mexico and even a CIA run installation in the middle of Australia.

Join us and our once again very special guest, Melissa Merlot, as we discuss the possible existence of these bases, the stories that surround them, what they’re doing and why it’s not all that farfetched to believe they really exist. Subscribe!


People’s Podshow 016: DJ Spotlight – Street Jesus

Greetings! In an attempt to bring you a musical component to the podshow I am featuring mixes from local DJs! Our first mix was made by none other than DJ Street Jesus and contains a 45-minute medley of Rock, Soul, Rap, and R&B from his personal playlist! Tune in every other week (or our “bye” weeks) for another blend! We’ve already curated Utah Hip-Hop mixes, top-40 mixes, edited mixes, instrumental mixes and more for your listening pleasure!

If you’d like to lend your songs or your skills on the turntables please email us at: thepeoplespodshow@gmail.com or send samples of your work to our Dropbox account at: wild100roseland@gmail.com.


CRE8TIVITY 010: Photographer Chris Blackburn!

Hey everyone, Dylan here! I found out about Chris Blackburn through a mutual friendWhen I heard that he was doing FREE paper negative portraits I thought I would be incredibly interesting to go get the pictures done and interview him about them! The episode is short and sweet! Check it out!

For additional information visit: yourcre8tivitypodcast.com


AREA 52 #035: “RIP 2016”

2016 was, well, one crazy son of a bitch. It took too many beloved icons to count, and gave us the most insane election ever, but was it really all bad? Or is it just the beginning?

Join us this week as we look back over the moments, losses and episodes of 2016 that we remember most! We also discusses the possible Christmas present from HAARP and our own recent UFO sighting!

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