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Area 52 Podcast #021: “Second Time Around”


Reincarnation is a belief shared by millions of people around the world! Certain religions believe it to be an absolute truth but unfortunately it’s not something that western science can prove.

However, there are documented cases from all around the world of people who say they can remember their past lives! Some of these memories are so detailed that they’ve actually been able to find the families they ‘believe,’ they left behind!

In some cases, living humans have been able to show ‘proof,’ of how they previously died! Believe it or not, there is documentation of murder victims solving their own murder!



Area 52 #012: “That Day in September” Part 2


In part two of their in depth examination of the horrible events of 9/11, the crew moves onto the other strange occurrences that happened that day. We discuss many strange occurrences including: The Pentagon being hit by a plane that apparently vaporized completely, to a building that wasn’t hit by a plane but imploded.

The events on September 11th effect and affect us all, the images are still hard to look at and the long lasting effects are still happening today, to both victims of that day and its subsequent war.

We hope you learned something that you didn’t know, we hope your eyes were opened a little and that you go and do your own research and ask your own questions about everything that happened on that day in September.


Late Night Family Values 003: ‘Rocket Men’ with Gavin Sheehan & Marty Archibald


In this tasty episode of LNFV, we have affable local comedian and starlet Marty Archibald and City Weekly and former SLUG writer Gavin Sheehan. Marty and Gavin previously had a rivalry in the long lineage of media vs. entertainer disputes. From Nixon and the Washington Post to Ted Williams and the sportswriters, to Jesus and the authors of the Bible, this is one contest we wanted to put an end to.

After some playful ribbing, Gavin and Marty try to get to know each other by giving an impromptu interview with one another. I don’t want to spoil it, but there might be a happy ending!

Remember to stay blacked out.



OUR 149: Frankie Corrigan, from the Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!


Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 149: Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Brittany Johnson welcome Frankie from the Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!

Frankie delves into his roots in Detroit, his start in radio and the importance of developing a great work ethic!

Frankie mentions the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in a DJ and how he preps his show! He also discusses the importance of finding balance between work and his personal life.

Frankie explains his love for the Salt Lake market!

He gives advice on dealing with office politics and how he deals with having to be competitive

Frankie closes out the show by sharing his side of the Opie & Anthony ‘Jocktober,’ incident!

All this and More On Ol’ Ute Radio!

Johnny McKeon:


Sascha Blume:


Brittany Johnson:





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Dirtpod 021: #DirtPodLive at Wiseguys Comedy Club, SLC!

From the mind of comedian/musician Guy Seidel comes the DirtPod Podcast!

Starting out as a podcast that explored the seedy side of dangerous jobs, the format was changed when Guy brought on his friends, fellow comedian Marcus and longtime radio personality Allen Handy, to discuss their favorite music. The episode went so well, and got such an incredible public response, that Guy asked Allen and Marcus to be a permanent part of the podcast, leading to the all new DirtPod, a music and pop culture-themed podcast all wrapped up in a late 30s cynicism.


DirtPod is coming to you LIVE for the second time! Join Guy, Allen and Marcus as they take the stage for the  DirtPod Live, a live recording of the podcast from Utah’s premiere comedy club, Wiseguys!

After the show make sure you listen to the comedy of: Jordan Makin and Aaron Orlovitz!


Stupid Questions 017: “The Past’s Future w/ Eileen and Erin Dobbins”


In this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, Eileen and Erin Dobbins stop by to discuss their new and great podcast ‘Future Space,’ and to serenade Jason with a terrifying song from the Disney movie Dumbo.

Jason’s childhood speech impediment comes back and he can’t pronounce his R’s anymore.

How will he say Tiger?

Oh, and I will throw a spoiler out there, it sounds a lot like Tie- Go!

Check out this episode, then immediately go listen to the Future Space podcast. Thanks for listening and reading this… if you are indeed reading this. Vomit Heels….. Still reading? Just checking!

Thanks for your support.

The Future Space Podcast

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

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