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OUR 133: With the beautiful! Patrick Ramirez


Mckeon starts out the show asking Blume if he would ever pose as Santa Claus due to his Jewish heritage!

The gentlemen  discuss their positions in media and how that affects their mindsets and day to day lives!

Johnny talks about his efforts to create successful promotions and how to draw a crowd to events.  Sascha talks about the University of Utah Football Program’s first loss of the season to the USC Trojans and why Sascha is no longer a fan of the University of Utah Utes. McKeon weighs in on the Lamar Odom situation and Keeping up with Kardashians.

Comedian and former Co-Host Patrick Ramirez jumps into the conversation and talks about life as a stand up comedian in Los Angeles. Stories range from getting a manager, nightmare auditions, writing material and playing into his Latino ethnicity, learning Spanish curse words and getting into festivals.

The conversation shifts into the ethics of sexting, the prospect of tinder and online dating. Sascha talks about his fears of getting older without settling down and the daunting task of attempting to solicit lovers and date online.

All this and more on Ol Ute Radio Episode # 133



OUR 093: Jason Harvey and Patrick Ramirez


On Episode 93 of Ol’ Ute Radio, your hosts begin by catching up a bit after Rebecca’s absence the previous show. They talk about recent events as well as what the upcoming shows will hold. They are joined shortly after starting by comedian Jason Harvey. The three start out discussing the local comedy scene and end up discovering some exclusive insight into Harvey’s deep-seated love for martial arts and Kung-Fu movies. He dishes out some “must see” and educates us with a few mixed martial arts facts.
Harvey and your hosts are joined halfway through the show with a return of comedian and friend of OUR, P-Rama (Patrick Ramirez). He comes in full-force with a game for everyone. P-Rama shows his love for all things 80’s as he plays host of a 80’s music guessing game! The others listen through 80’s classics and guess where they peaked on the Billboard 100 list while also providing some hilarious commentary on the songs themselves.

To follow the funny and stay up to date on shows, follow Harvey on instagram @jayharv and twitter @jason_harvey. He can also be found at Facebook.com/jasonharveycomedy.
Patrick can be found on twitter @patrickinmyhead and on Facebook.
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OUR 075: Big Shiny Robot, Patrick Ramirez and Andy Gold

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OUR 75 is packed with a triple header of guests. To start the show, Rebecca and Sascha commemorate Salt Lake comedian, Spencer Gardner, who passed away earlier in the week.

Your hosts welcome Nick Marx of Big Shiny Robot! into the studio as the first guest. The three talk all things nerdy- comic books, comic con, fantasy con, anime and more. They delve a bit into some box office statistics, opinions and excitement. You can find them @bigshinyrobot on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


For the last segment, Rebecca and Sascha are joined by old friends of the show and local comedians, Andy Gold and Patrick Ramirez. They plug their upcoming shows and then have a hilarious discussion on Michael Jackson, the comedy scene and Andy Gold’s fantasy kingdom. Catch them both on Twitter @andyagold and @patrickinmyhead for even more laughs and updates on when & where you can catch them next.


OUR 070: Chris Holifield, Steve Soelberg & Patrick Ramirez


On Episode 70 of Ol’ Ute Radio, the studio is full with all three hosts and guests Patrick Ramirez and Steve Soelberg in attendance. The show begins with Sascha, Rebecca and Chris welcoming Steve Soelberg, long-time friend of OUR, into the studio again. They comment on a range of topics spanning from ‘Clown College,’ to Ragnar and Steve even gives some advice from his recent experiences in the world of dating.

Halfway through the episode, comedian Patrick Ramirez arrives and sits in with the group. Before Steve leaves, they talk everything from comedy in Salt Lake to clothing fads of the 80’s. The three hosts end by quizzing Patrick on 80’s songs since he had mentioned in previous interviews his love of 80’s music.

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OUR 057: Patrick Ramirez


On tonight’s show, Sascha and Rebecca are joined again by local comedian Patrick Ramirez. He talks about his month in Hollywood and the comedy scene out there. The three discuss karaoke and Patrick tries to guess the most requested songs of all time.

Sascha and Rebecca also share their enthusiasm for the trending video of a snake eating a crocodile and give details for some upcoming events at the University of Utah campus.


OUR 051: U of U Student President, Sam Ortiz & Patrick Ramirez


Episode 51 of Ol’ Ute Radio starts off with an interview during the first hour of the show. ASUU President Sam Ortiz joins Sascha and Rebecca to discuss all things student-life. Ortiz discusses his path to presidency as well as how to get involved with student government. He also updates us on the progress of various projects such as potential gender-neutral restrooms on campus. To close, Ortiz fills U of U students in on some upcoming events on campus.

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During the second segment, Sascha and Rebecca welcome local comedian Patrick Ramirez back for the third time on Ol’ Ute Radio. No subject is safe as the three comments on topics including- but not limited to- comedians, online dating, Craigslist and the mystery that is Justin Guarini. Patrick also talks about the Salt Lake comedy scene and gives suggestions for good places to go for a laugh.
Dakotah makes a triumphant return and joins Sascha for the last segment of the show.
Make sure you tune in… @Mr_Blume bombs several times.
Thank you for listening


OUR 046: Patrick Ramirez


Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume starts out with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume talking about Sascha chasing away a dog walker that pooped in his backyard. Johnny explains why he is leaving the show in January and Sascha explains his feelings towards writing for film and documentaries. Johnny announces his approval for U.S. Citizenship and quizzes Sascha on American History and Civics, giving him the same test that Johnny had to pass. Sascha shares some tales of history and communism.

Comedian and Guest Patrick Ramirez calls into the show to promote a Set List show at the University of Utah on Thursday 12/5/13. Patrick talks about his folks visiting him for the holidays, how he structures his set lists and the NFL. Sascha ends the show talking about his issues with Audible and the Opie and Anthony Show.

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio
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