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Dirtpod 023: Old F*cks!


Here’s the thing…

You don’t really know you’re old until you’re old!

It’s true, its damn true!

And although age may be a state of mind, our minds are tired and old too. We bitch about it… but we accept it!

In this episode, that’s exactly what we do!

We accept our fates and bitch about getting older: How things hurt more, how things have changed, how we’ve changed and how it sucks!

We also talk ‘Guns ‘n Roses,’  and  ‘Puddle of Mudd’s,’ Wes Scantlin.

Enjoy our ramblings.


Dirtpod 022: “Politics and Shit… Literally!”


Ok, so once again we had good intentions. We started out talking about Guy spending WAY too much on concert tickets and then somehow ended up taking about our pre-show bathroom rituals. Seriously, I have no idea how this happened. At all! But it did.

Then Allen told a story about Orrin Hatch trying not to shit his pants, which lead to us talking about politics. To be honest, I’m not really sure about what else happened. We talked about Trump at one point, which fit in with both our politics and our shit conversations (buh dum bum).

After that, who knows!


Dirtpod 021: #DirtPodLive at Wiseguys Comedy Club, SLC!

From the mind of comedian/musician Guy Seidel comes the DirtPod Podcast!

Starting out as a podcast that explored the seedy side of dangerous jobs, the format was changed when Guy brought on his friends, fellow comedian Marcus and longtime radio personality Allen Handy, to discuss their favorite music. The episode went so well, and got such an incredible public response, that Guy asked Allen and Marcus to be a permanent part of the podcast, leading to the all new DirtPod, a music and pop culture-themed podcast all wrapped up in a late 30s cynicism.


DirtPod is coming to you LIVE for the second time! Join Guy, Allen and Marcus as they take the stage for the  DirtPod Live, a live recording of the podcast from Utah’s premiere comedy club, Wiseguys!

After the show make sure you listen to the comedy of: Jordan Makin and Aaron Orlovitz!


Dirtpod 008: Missing Persons!


This week, Allen is making the trek home from the Sturgis motorcycle rally so Marcus and Guy enlisted the help of Salt Lake Soundcheck, Corky!

The boys talk about…music of course and what role their parents, if any had in their musical tastes, preteen life hanging out in malls when malls were cool, the New Jack Swing movement and the new Lamb of God.

Listen to this and if you are anywhere between 30-50 you will know exactly what they are talking about, even if you are not, it is still quite a listen.

Anyone remember hiding the R-rated tapes from your parents and having them scan the music before you got to listen to it?

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