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OUR 160: So U A Boss???


Ol’ Ute Radio opens with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume on the Microphone. No guest this week as Sascha Blume tears into the unprofessionalism in the workplace at one of the prominent media companies that employs him. Johnny McKeon opens up about the wear-and-tear of a toxic work environment, focusing on the toll that media jobs take on their employees.


Wayne Thompson Jr. joins the show late and persuades Sascha to come clean about a prank he played on Wayne earlier. Wayne talks about the current political election and how it’s generating fantastic material for the late night television show, Saturday Night Live. Johnny talks about the difficulty of finding an adequate Halloween costume for interracial couples.


The conversation leads to Utah sports teams. The show ends discussing OUR previous radio interviews and the debate between asking the hard questions and taking it easy on guests regarding sensitive and personal topics.



OUR 153: We welcome the: “I am Salt Lake Podcast”


Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume and Wayne Thompson Jr. welcome the hosts of the ‘I Am Salt Lake Podcast,’ Chris Holifield and Krissie Shelly!

Holifield and Shelly talk about their vacation to Chicago and their experience at the ‘Podcast Movement Convention.’ They also share their thoughts on the evolving broadcast medium known as podcasting!

The conversation turns to the ‘glass ceiling,’ that women deal with in media and Krissie shares her experience with internet hate and how she is ably to deflect death threats and junk pics.

We also discuss internet trolling and free speech!

The conversation turns a little as we discuss the merits of Salt Lake City, podcasting, and the value of a radio host/DJ.

Join ‘OUR,’ discussion:

Johnny McKeon:


Sascha Blume:


Brittany Johnson:


Wayne Thompson Jr.


I am Salt Lake:


Krissie Shelly:


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OUR 150: “Cause You Hollywood”


No guests, No Johnny McKeon on Episode 150 of OUR!

Let’s just say the show goes off the tracks!

Sascha Blume, Wayne Thompson Jr. and Brittany Johnson discuss Wayne being ‘Hollywood,’ and getting a new job co hosting the ‘Frankie and Jess show, ‘on 97.1 ZHT weekdays from 6-10 a.m.

We discuss: media departures, Snapchat and broadcasting failures!

We also discuss the idea that skin color might be the reason why Steven ‘Steph,’ Curry is hated in the NBA!

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio!

Johnny McKeon:https://twitter.com/JohnnyMcKeon
Sascha Blume:https://twitter.com/Mr_Blume
Brittany Johnson: https://twitter.com/bjohnsonABC4
Wayne Thompson Jr. https://mtwitter.com/wayneonair

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We are available on: Google Play, ITunes, Stitcher and http://earwholemedia.com/category/ol-ute-radio/.

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OUR 148: ‘We’re all story tellers!’ With Broadcaster/Journalist Philip Isom!


OUR welcomes: ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Pac-12 Network and Utah Jazz videographer, Philip Isom!

Moreover, Isom has traveled America as a journalist and producer of some of the most tragic and beautiful news stories America has created in the last 30 years!

Isom shares his thoughts on broadcasting and the future of media!

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OUR 143: The Value of an Image!


Brittany Johnson joins Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon to talk about Donald Trump’s presence in Utah and the impact/intentions of a peaceful protest!
The conversation turns to Bernie Sanders and his rally with a turnout of over 14,000 people.

Sascha, Johnny, and Brittany debate socialism and education.
Wayne Thompson Jr. arrives just in time to hear the Kanye West ‘quote of the day,’ and talk about Gawker’s recent settlement of 115$ million for Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio…