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Stupid Questions 017: “The Past’s Future w/ Eileen and Erin Dobbins”


In this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, Eileen and Erin Dobbins stop by to discuss their new and great podcast ‘Future Space,’ and to serenade Jason with a terrifying song from the Disney movie Dumbo.

Jason’s childhood speech impediment comes back and he can’t pronounce his R’s anymore.

How will he say Tiger?

Oh, and I will throw a spoiler out there, it sounds a lot like Tie- Go!

Check out this episode, then immediately go listen to the Future Space podcast. Thanks for listening and reading this… if you are indeed reading this. Vomit Heels….. Still reading? Just checking!

Thanks for your support.

The Future Space Podcast

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

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Stupid Questions 016: Road Trippin’ with John Fahy and Kelly McInerney


After eating a delightful pancake and scrambled eggs breakfast, Jason sits down and talks with LA comics, John Fahy and Kelly McInerney before they hit the road and continue their comedy road trip to Idaho Falls.
John and Kelly talk about LA, how long they have been in LA, where they started doing comedy and is the Peppertree Lounge the worst room in America for standup comics?
What does Ireland have to do with this episode? Listen and you will find out. This was a very fun episode. Just a few comics talking shop.


OUR 123: ‘Comedy & Other Opinions,’ Hosted by Jason Harvey at Club 50 West


Jason Harvey’s show, “Comedy and Other Opinions,” made its debut on the stage of Club 50 West on Monday, August 10th, 2015. Ol’ Ute Radio was there to document this moment in history.

We’re setup in the Green Room and recorded between performances. Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon interview the lineup of comedians for a behind the scenes sneak peek of the show. The Lineup featured the amazing comedians Amerah Ames, Aaron Orlovitz, Eileen Dobbins, New York Comedian Andy Farnsworth, Toy Soup (improv troupe with Andrew Jensen and Troy Taylor), Nicholas Don Smith, and Natashia Mower and of course Jason Harvey.


Conversation topics ranged from multiple perspectives on the gendered use of the word comedian and comedienne, improv and joking around with Toy Soup, chatting about New York Rooms and the comedy process with Andy Farnsworth.
‘OUR,’ discusses: ‘Dungeons and Comedy,’ with Nicholas Don Smith, and Aaron Orlovitz’s comedy roots.

Blume and Harvey bond!

And ChrisHolifield of the ‘I am Salt Lake podcast is asked to say hello:)

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Stupid Questions 015: “I’m Really Interested in Happiness” – A Conversation with Andy Farnsworth


On this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, I’m joined in studio with Andy Farnsworth. Andy is in town from New York visiting friends. We were able to catch up with him. We talk about my upcoming Comedy! And Other Opinions show happening Monday August 10th at Club at 50 West (50 West Broadway, SLC). We chat about the differences in the comedy scenes of NYC and SLC.
Andy and I have known each other for years and are comfortable around each other, which lead me to open up and talk more about my depression and suicidal thoughts that I normally would be comfortable talking about openly and putting out publicly. Although it was told in my classic ADD fashion and it is hard for me to stick on topic, I opened up more than I have ever on the podcast and Andy and I were able to talk about some pretty depressing thoughts and feelings all while making each other laugh.
Andy is one of my favorite comedians and people. He’s great and made this episode a lot of fun for me.

Thanks so much for coming on Andy, and Huge thanks to my producer Sascha Blume.

Thanks for listening.

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OUR 093: Jason Harvey and Patrick Ramirez


On Episode 93 of Ol’ Ute Radio, your hosts begin by catching up a bit after Rebecca’s absence the previous show. They talk about recent events as well as what the upcoming shows will hold. They are joined shortly after starting by comedian Jason Harvey. The three start out discussing the local comedy scene and end up discovering some exclusive insight into Harvey’s deep-seated love for martial arts and Kung-Fu movies. He dishes out some “must see” and educates us with a few mixed martial arts facts.
Harvey and your hosts are joined halfway through the show with a return of comedian and friend of OUR, P-Rama (Patrick Ramirez). He comes in full-force with a game for everyone. P-Rama shows his love for all things 80’s as he plays host of a 80’s music guessing game! The others listen through 80’s classics and guess where they peaked on the Billboard 100 list while also providing some hilarious commentary on the songs themselves.

To follow the funny and stay up to date on shows, follow Harvey on instagram @jayharv and twitter @jason_harvey. He can also be found at Facebook.com/jasonharveycomedy.
Patrick can be found on twitter @patrickinmyhead and on Facebook.
We love you listeners and appreciate your support! Feel free to contact us any day, any time at oluteradio@gmail.com and on twitter @oluteradio.

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