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AREA 52 #035: “RIP 2016”

2016 was, well, one crazy son of a bitch. It took too many beloved icons to count, and gave us the most insane election ever, but was it really all bad? Or is it just the beginning?

Join us this week as we look back over the moments, losses and episodes of 2016 that we remember most! We also discusses the possible Christmas present from HAARP and our own recent UFO sighting!


Area 52 #006: “Weather….or not?”


What if there was a machine that could shoot a billion watts of electricity into the planet’s atmosphere and theoretically change the weather or even cause it?

Well there is! It’s called HAARP and, while it might just be a research program funded by both the US Air Force and Navy, it might be also be a super weapon that uses weather, and possibly in conjunction with holograms, for untraceable global attacks.

I know it sounds crazy, but strange lights, weird unnatural cloud formations, wild changing weather patterns and insane noises coming out of the sky all over the globe can’t all be NOTHING!

So, is it weather…or not?