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OUR 140: ABC 4 ‘Good Morning Utah,’ producer Brittany Johnson!


‘OUR,’ welcomes Brittany Johnson!

Brittany is the producer on Good Morning Utah for ABC4, and social media correspondent for Real Sports Live.

Brittany explains her job duties as morning show producer for Good Morning Utah and working Sunday nights at Real Sports Live as the Social Media Correspondent.

McKeon and Johnson talk about being nervous on TV and the differences between live TV and radio.

Blume shares his two cents about working in both industries and explains the importance of journalism and its impact on the community.


Johnson explains the decision to move to Utah from Los Angeles, being a black woman working in Media, and her work ethic. She also addresses the diversity issue in Utah and her experiences living in the Beehive State.

The conversation turns to the media’s portrayal of Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, Kanye West’s fall from grace, Los Angeles having two sports teams, growing up a Lakers Fan and the rise of LA Clippers.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 140

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OUR 135: ABC4’s Brian Carlson!


Johnny, Sascha & Wayne welcome ABC4 Anchor of Good Morning Utah and announcer of Good Things Utah, Brian Carlson!
‘OUR,’ starts with Carlson talking about his career in television and why he wanted to become a professional broadcaster!
Carlson shares his story of how he won his first regional Emmy and his background as an Art major at BYU.We also discuss the dangers of being a field reporter, coping with witnessing death and the safety of journalism as a whole.

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