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AREA 52 #029: “The Bodies on the Beach”


In the summer of 2010, the search for a call girl who went missing in an upscale ocean community on Long Island, New York uncovered 10 bodies and a lot of questions!

This lead to an investigation that included a 23 minute 911 call, Craig’s List call girls, a bizarre doctor, police corruption, possible multiple killers and an alleged sex ring for the wealthy. Or it’s just a great place to dump bodies that have nothing to do with each other?

Join the discussion of the mysterious case of the still-at-large Long Island Serial Killer.


AREA 52 #023: “Mile High Mystery”

Area 52

Every year, millions of people pass through the Denver International Airport not knowing the many conspiracies and unanswered questions that surround it!

From things like its isolated location, massive area, mysterious benefactors and odd, some say even prophetic, artwork leading many to believe that it will act as a doomsday base for the world’s elite, to alleged whistle blowers saying that it’s actually a cover for an underground military base housing prison camps or possibly even aliens, there’s no shortage of crazy ideas, but is any it true?

Join us this week as we check our bags,  endure security and discuss the mile high mystery that is the Denver International Airport.

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Area 52 Podcast #021: “Second Time Around”


Reincarnation is a belief shared by millions of people around the world! Certain religions believe it to be an absolute truth but unfortunately it’s not something that western science can prove.

However, there are documented cases from all around the world of people who say they can remember their past lives! Some of these memories are so detailed that they’ve actually been able to find the families they ‘believe,’ they left behind!

In some cases, living humans have been able to show ‘proof,’ of how they previously died! Believe it or not, there is documentation of murder victims solving their own murder!



Area 52 #019: “Rothschild’s Play”


The Rothschild’s! You may not have ever heard of them, but they are the wealthiest and oldest modern banking family in the world.

They own banks, they own land, and some believe they may even own countries and governments. They have funded wars, influenced presidents and may even be pulling the strings of the entire world by controlling all of the money.

Are they just people, with way too much wealth or are they really trying to take over the world one country at time?

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Area 52 #018: “Scared Stiff”


This week we’re joined by special guest, comedian and paranormal connoisseur, Melissa Merlot to discuss the strange phenomenon of sleep paralysis and its ties to accounts of both alien abduction and terrifying shadow people!

Is it paranormal? Are they ghosts? Are they aliens coming down to steal us for experiments? Or is it just all in our heads?

Hard to say, but we do know for sure is that after listening to this episode, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on!

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Area 52 #017: “Time Out”


We’ve all thought about it. What if we could go back in time or travel to the future? It’s a fascinating idea and the subject of dozens of movies and TV shows, all of which take a different approach. Well, just like in the movies, there are also real life stories of people who have traveled through time.

A man who flew over the future, a lady who walked by the past, a teleporting warship, mysterious people from places that don’t exist, lost time and distance and even a man who met himself in the future, these stories are out there, but are they true or even possible?

All this and more as we hit the Flux Capacitor and talk time travel.

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Area 52 #016: “Reel Scary”



This week, we’re taking a nighttime walk down a dimly light memory lane as we recall and reminisce about the movies and TV shows that scared, and scarred, us as kids. Whether it was monster killers with hockey masks or knives for hands or a singing purple dinosaur that probably had bodies in his crawlspace, we’re talking the films that genuinely terrified our younger selves and whether they hold up and still scare us as adults.

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Area 52 #015: “Uneducated Encounters”


In a sort of follow up to last week’s discussion on legendary monsters and their possible origins, we’re talking monsters again. This week however, instead of widespread creatures, we’re talking creatures that only showed up in certain places over a limited amount of time.

From sighting of moth and lizard men to legends like the Jersey Devil, were these real monsters or were they just misidentified animals?

We also talk the local legends we grew up hearing and what they actually turned out to be.

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