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Stupid Questions 036: “Helter Shelter” with Stuart Thompson & Krystal “The Pistol” LaFianza Pitzen


Once again we have some great guests on the show, Stuart Thompson and Krystal “The Pistol” two comics in from LA stop by and get on the mics. In classic Stupid Questions form we start talking about a subject and it quickly turns into something else. We talk about how you shouldn’t get to know your neighbors anymore, but then it quickly changes to maybe we should all just talking with our neighbors. Knowing your neighbors is a good way to all be on the same page with social issues. Also in this episode Stuart give my apartment the best name ever, “Helter Shelter.” Check out this episode it was a lot of fun talking with Krystal and Stuart.

Stuart Thompson:


Krystal “The Pistol” LaFianza Pitzen:


Jason Harvey:

twitter: jason_harvey


Late Night Family Values 004: Bring us your mentally ill, your addicted and your suicidal!


In this episode of late night family values Aaron and Leslie cut to the heart of darkness by getting real with local stand up comedian Samuel John Poulter.

We learn how a person spirals from mental illness to drug addiction to attempted suicide! We also learn how not to extract Hydrocodone, and what it means to overcome suffering.

We also establish new rules for our cult!


Dirtpod 030: “Guy’s Lonely 80’s Nostalgia Cafe & Jukebox Emporium”


This week we take a walk down memory lane, as we discuss some of our favorite local hangouts from growing up. From mechanical animal bands and the perfect pizza to the skating rinks and mini golf courses, we discuss the best parts of growing up!

We also talk $11 beers, bands we like but don’t want to listen to anymore, singers that sound alike, rumors about the new Tool album and review this past week’s Korn/Rob Zombie concert.

It’s a doozy. Subscribe today!


Area 52 #012: “That Day in September” Part 2


In part two of their in depth examination of the horrible events of 9/11, the crew moves onto the other strange occurrences that happened that day. We discuss many strange occurrences including: The Pentagon being hit by a plane that apparently vaporized completely, to a building that wasn’t hit by a plane but imploded.

The events on September 11th effect and affect us all, the images are still hard to look at and the long lasting effects are still happening today, to both victims of that day and its subsequent war.

We hope you learned something that you didn’t know, we hope your eyes were opened a little and that you go and do your own research and ask your own questions about everything that happened on that day in September.


Late Night Family Values 003: ‘Rocket Men’ with Gavin Sheehan & Marty Archibald


In this tasty episode of LNFV, we have affable local comedian and starlet Marty Archibald and City Weekly and former SLUG writer Gavin Sheehan. Marty and Gavin previously had a rivalry in the long lineage of media vs. entertainer disputes. From Nixon and the Washington Post to Ted Williams and the sportswriters, to Jesus and the authors of the Bible, this is one contest we wanted to put an end to.

After some playful ribbing, Gavin and Marty try to get to know each other by giving an impromptu interview with one another. I don’t want to spoil it, but there might be a happy ending!

Remember to stay blacked out.



Dirtpod 028: “The Boys Are Back in Town”


After a three episode absence due to being the busiest man in the entire world, the prodigal son, Allen, returns!

The band is back together and they’ve got a lot to catch up on! Marcus and Guy fill us in on their recent trip to Vegas, Allen talks about seeing Paul Simon make thousands of people cry at the same time!

And all three guys raise a big middle finger to Led Zeppelin’s court victory.

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Stupid Questions 034: “Guilt Scars” with Miss Diva Minka


Stupid Questions is back with an old guest but new episode! Minka returns to the show. Minka has been friends with Jason for almost seven years. Minka was on the second episode ever of Stupid Questions, where we talked about Minka being Trans.

The purpose of this episode was to further talk about being transgender and the stupid ‘bathroom laws,’ and other difficulties that the LGBTQ community has to deal with, but we ended up mostly not talking about that!

We just had a fun conversation about C-sections, C-section scars, people against birth by unnatural means. It was a hoot!

We did get to talking about the ‘bathroom laws,’ and about issues that the trans community face that the majority of society isn’t aware of. We also catch up a bit with Minka, talk about her YouTube channel, gaming, and a bit of love and kink.

Minka is a sweetheart. It’s always great when I am able to see her. I will be getting her back on the show again soon. Check out this episode, it’s longer than normal, but I didn’t even want to stop when we did. Thanks for listening.

Minka Krasiva Hole:


Twitter: @MissDivaMinka

Jason Harvey:


Twitter: @jason_harvey

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Late Night Family Values 002: “Looking for love in the right places”


Leslie Falco forgets his profession and things get political! Falco calls Aaron a loser for thinking Hilary Clinton will win the election and the two settle on a wager over the future presidency.

Tune in to find out what the stakes are, but we’ll let you know they’re spicy!

After discussing why gay sex is the only way to be truly secure in your sexuality, Aaron and Leslie get to know each other.

Make sure you black out before tuning in!

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