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Stupid Questions 033: “Little Person” with Max and Nicky Weinbach and Jeff Zamaria!


On this episode of Stupid Questions we have Max and Nicky Weinbach from the band ‘Little Person.’ They also are a comedy sketch duo ‘Max and Nicky!’ In this episode we also have Jeff Zamaria! Max and Nicky are on a week-long tour on their way to their new home, New York City.Zamaria is a booker from San Francisco and a good friend of the Weinbachs, such a good friend that he is helping them move from San Francisco to New York, (that is dictionary definition of good friend).

We recorded this episode in the living room of my apartment after doing a show at Keane Clark’s Comedy Shed.The show was a lot of fun and went really well. We also talk about the band ‘Little Person,’ and their current tour. ‘Little Person,’ has a new single out that they are quite proud of it. You should check it out on their Facebook page. This was a fun episode thanks to Max, Nicky and Jeff Zamaria. Have fun on the rest of the tour and good luck in New York.

Little Person:


Twitter: @littlepersonSF

Max and Nicky:


Twitter: @maxandnicholas

Jeff Zamaria:

Twitter: @jeffzamaria



Jason Harvey:


Twitter: @jason_harvey



Stupid Questions 030: “Water is Time Travel” With Derek Sheen!


Derek Sheen is back on another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. Derek and Jason start talking about Star Wars and as usual quickly get off topic.

Derek and Jason talk Star Wars, Eternity, losing faith, and how water is time travel. Give this episode a listen, then go to itunes and pre-order or purchase Derek Sheen’s new comedy album “Tiny Idiot”, out on Stand Up! Records on May 6th.

Thanks for listening.

Derek Sheen:

Derek Sheen is a cuddly mess of insecurities, a gifted, one of a kind, storyteller. He’s quickly becoming a favorite among comedy fans all over the globe! He’s toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofolo and Rory Scovel! His debut album “Holy Drivel” was recorded by iconic metal producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, Isis) and is available from Rooftopcomedy.com.

NEW ALBUM: is coming soon from Stand Up! Records!

Links to two new pieces:



Website: www.derektime.com

Twitter: @DerekSheen

Twitter: @jason_harvey

Facebook: facebook.com/comedyandotheropinions


Stupid Questions 027: “Bruce Lee Was Overrated” with Ben Fuller, producer of Cult Classics VS Comedians!


On this episode we have a good friend of mine and fellow martial arts fan, Ben Fuller.

Ben and I met at Cafe Anh Hong and had some Chinese food and talked Kung Fu movies and a little about his new project, Cult Classics VS Comedians. I don’t think it would be an episode of Stupid Questions if we didn’t get a bit sidetracked.

I hope you enjoy this episode, we mostly talk kung fu movies, but Rutger Hauer, M. Night Shyamalan, and a few other movies get in the way a bit.

I’ve been friends with Ben for quite a while, and this was such a fun episode to record that we are hoping to record once a month and do a Martial Arts movie themed podcast!

Give this episode a listen, let me know what you think, and if you have any martial arts movie requests, please send them my way on Twitter @jason_harvey, or on facebook: facebook.com/jasonharveycomedy or facebook.com/stupidquestionswithjasonharvey.

Also please go and watch the first episode of Cult Classics VS Comedians. You can watch that here: www.facebook.com/CultClassicsVsComedians or here: https://youtu.be/YTevun_JfPU

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.

Ben Fuller:

Blog: http://JobFaust.wordpress.com

Twitter: @JobFaust

Facebook: facebook.com/CultClassicsVsComedians

Go to this link and watch: Episode 1: https://youtu.be/YTevun_JfPU

Jason Harvey:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jasonharveycomedy



Twitter: @jason_harvey



Stupid Questions 026: Chattin’ With Afro Omega’s, Bronte James!


Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. I love and appreciate you all.

First off I should say this, Don’t Do Heroin! Do Not Do Heroin!! But seriously don’t do it! Heroin is bad, and there is some really bad heroin going around Salt Lake City and the United States.

Last week I saw a video of a person overdosing on a bus in Philadelphia, it’s a bigger problem than I ever realized, and it’s even affecting people here in Salt Lake City!

Our guest on this episode has had two people who are very close to him die from heroin!

Don’t Do Heroin!!

Now that we have got that issue out of the way, my guest on the show is a good friend of mine, Bronte James. You may know him from his band Afro Omega or from seeing him around town just being an all-around great guy.

Bronte and I shoot the shit for a bit. We talk about Willie’s and that racist situation that cost me a stand up show. We talk his battle with cancer and the corruption of the medical industry.

This was a great conversation, and there was a lot that we touched on very little and I’m hoping to get back and talk to him more. I would love to revisit talking about the food we eat and how it relates to cancer, and talk more about his cancer treatment.

Check out this episode. Thanks again for listening, and DON’T DO HEROIN.

Check out the band Afro Omega

Jason Harvey:


twitter: @jason_harvey


Stupid Questions 025: “1st Anniversary Show: Pizza Party”


Its Stupid Questions 1st anniversary show!

I’ve had a lot of fun recording this podcast. I’ve learned a lot while recording it, and now it’s time to celebrate that with a pizza party and my good friend Taylor Hunsaker. Taylor has been performing stand up in Salt Lake City since 2012.I’ve had the privilege of performing on several shows with her, and encourage you to see her if you get the chance.Taylor is a fellow podcaster and comedian, but most importantly a fellow lover of pizza. We talk our love of pizza, where to get a good slice or full pie.

And it wouldn’t be a Stupid Questions episode if we didn’t get way off topic.

Thanks for listening, now go treat yourself to some pizza.

Don’t miss out on seeing Taylor Hunsaker and Jason Harvey live @ Big Willy’s March 4th at 10:30pm. FREE. 21+
Also featuring Willy and local favorite(and Stupid Questions first guest) Eileen Dobbins.

Taylor Hunsaker:


Stupid Questions 024: “Let it Blume” with Sascha Blume


Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. We are approaching our year mark with this podcast. I haven’t talked much about the man behind the show, and the whole reason I have this podcast and Sketch Sandwich with Natashia Mower, is because a great man had me on the radio and enjoyed what I did while broadcasting with him. That man is Sascha Blume, one of the hosts of Ol’ Ute Radio, founder of EarwholeMedia, and producer of every podcast on the network, SASCHA MOTHER F$%K!N BLUME.Sascha has been editing the hell out of my podcast and making me sound better for about a year, so I thought no better time to talk to my producer.Check out this episode we shoot the shit, reminisce about past episodes, talk about the future of EarwholeMedia.com and laugh.

It was a lot of fun.

Thanks for coming on Sascha and everyone listening!

Sascha Blume:

Twitter: @Mr_Blume, @earwholemedia @oluteradio

Instagram: @Mr.Blume


Jason Harvey:

Twitter: jason_harvey





Stupid Questions 023: “Snowed in” with Ben Kronberg


Thanks for checking out another episode of Stupid Question with Jason Harvey. I’m really excited about this episode, because we have a great guest on the show. In this episode Ben Kronberg joins us. He flew in from New York to do some stand up shows at Sandy Station.

I was asked to be one of the opening comedians, so I asked Ben if he would do the podcast and he was nice enough to join. Check it out. We just shot the shit for about 20 minutes back stage before the show.

Be sure to check out his comedy if you haven’t. I’ll share the video we talk about below.

Ben Kronberg:

Since his breakout performance at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, Ben Kronberg has performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “Last Call With Carson Daly” and the third season of “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show” on Comedy Central. Ben is also a regular performer at the SXSW Music Festival and has been featured at the Vancouver Comedy Festival and Boston Comedy Festival. Ben recently co-starred in an episode of MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back” and is currently starring in the popular web series “Ted & Gracie,” a story of a woman who is engaged to a serial killer, but has no idea.

Ben Kronberg live @ the Apt


Twitter: @benkronberg

Follow Jason Harvey here:

twitter: @jason_harvey


instagram: @jayharv


Stupid Questions 022: “The Alps Are Really Nice This Time Of Year,” with Doug and Teresa Wyckoff


Thanks for tuning in for another episode of stupid questions with Jason Harvey. I hope all of you listening to this episode have your deepest wishes come true. This episode we have Doug and Teresa Wyckoff.

The Wyckoffs just recently moved here from New York City to run comedy at Sandy Station. We talk about their comedy, the shows they created and all the great comedy we have to look forward to at Sandy Station.



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