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Toy Soup’s Podcast 05: ‘The Butter Butler,’ with Mr. Bob Bedore


Troy and I go old school and bring in the man who introduced us to improv comedy, Mr. Bob Bedore.

Way back in the day he let me try my hand at making shit up, and for years I learned the craft on the Quick Wits stage.

In fact, our duo ToySoup was born on that stage. If was pretty messy and we were soon kicked out of the theater.

Sorry Bob! Shit happens when you eat a brownie and think you are a dolphin the entire show.

We owe Bob a lot. Mostly just money!

I can’t even remember what happened in this episode. So why don’t you listen and give me a recap.

Remember you can catch Bob every Saturday @ Quick Wits in Midvale.

Don’t worry, here’s your damn link: Ya bastards… https://qwcomedy.com/


OUR 034: Bob Bedore and Brian Pope


Johnny McKeon reveals the results from the Warner Brothers Writers Program. Sascha Blume elaborates on his frustrations with the media industry. Johnny announces the end of his long distance relationship with his girlfriend Sarah Isaacson and follows up with the news that Sarah will be returning to Salt Lake City. Johnny now has to find a place for him and Sarah to live. Sascha questions Johnny about using Dating Apps and Social Media for dating.


Salt Lake Comedian Brian Pope stopped by the studio to help close out the show. Brian Pope is originally from Middletown, Maryland and has been doing  comedy since 2011. Johnny and Sascha talk to Brian about moving to New York City to follow his dream of becoming a national Stand up Comedian. Brian talks about his favorite comedians, his influences, his goals with stand up comedian. Brian is hilarious and puts on a great show. Brian explains his process for creating new material and why making the move the New York City is next move he needs to make. He believes he is doing what he is supposed to at the right time. This is Brian Pope’s moment and he is fully committed.

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