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Late Night Family Values 005: There’s More than One Way to Suck Your Own Dick!


This episode we get to know local open mic comic Bob!

He’s become a local favorite for his unique energy on stage and life experiences. Mainly, he can suck his own dick and he talks about it sometimes! We like Bob a lot and we think you will too!

We think everyone should be more like Bob!


Late Night Family Values 004: Bring us your mentally ill, your addicted and your suicidal!


In this episode of late night family values Aaron and Leslie cut to the heart of darkness by getting real with local stand up comedian Samuel John Poulter.

We learn how a person spirals from mental illness to drug addiction to attempted suicide! We also learn how not to extract Hydrocodone, and what it means to overcome suffering.

We also establish new rules for our cult!


Late Night Family Values 003: ‘Rocket Men’ with Gavin Sheehan & Marty Archibald


In this tasty episode of LNFV, we have affable local comedian and starlet Marty Archibald and City Weekly and former SLUG writer Gavin Sheehan. Marty and Gavin previously had a rivalry in the long lineage of media vs. entertainer disputes. From Nixon and the Washington Post to Ted Williams and the sportswriters, to Jesus and the authors of the Bible, this is one contest we wanted to put an end to.

After some playful ribbing, Gavin and Marty try to get to know each other by giving an impromptu interview with one another. I don’t want to spoil it, but there might be a happy ending!

Remember to stay blacked out.



Late Night Family Values 002: “Looking for love in the right places”


Leslie Falco forgets his profession and things get political! Falco calls Aaron a loser for thinking Hilary Clinton will win the election and the two settle on a wager over the future presidency.

Tune in to find out what the stakes are, but we’ll let you know they’re spicy!

After discussing why gay sex is the only way to be truly secure in your sexuality, Aaron and Leslie get to know each other.

Make sure you black out before tuning in!


OUR 145: G*DS favorite Seamen… With comedians Aaron Orlovitz and Jonathan Falconer!

4.16.16 002

Comedians and newest members of the EarWholeMedia.com, Jonathan Falconer and Aaron Orlovitz join Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume on Episode 145 of Ol’ Ute Radio!

Jonathan and Aaron discuss their new podcast show on the network! Orlovitz reveals his reclaimed virginity and Falconer discusses pharmacology and and his domination on Tinder!

Sascha helps Aaron plan his own murder and Jonathan and Johnny debate the personality traits necessary to become a successful Cult Leader.

The conversation leads to religion and politics, the pecking order of prison and Aaron shares a story of when he was arrested and charge for ‘contempt of court.’

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 145.

Enjoy a Sting and Jerry Garcia session at the end of the episode!


Dirtpod 021: #DirtPodLive at Wiseguys Comedy Club, SLC!

From the mind of comedian/musician Guy Seidel comes the DirtPod Podcast!

Starting out as a podcast that explored the seedy side of dangerous jobs, the format was changed when Guy brought on his friends, fellow comedian Marcus and longtime radio personality Allen Handy, to discuss their favorite music. The episode went so well, and got such an incredible public response, that Guy asked Allen and Marcus to be a permanent part of the podcast, leading to the all new DirtPod, a music and pop culture-themed podcast all wrapped up in a late 30s cynicism.


DirtPod is coming to you LIVE for the second time! Join Guy, Allen and Marcus as they take the stage for the  DirtPod Live, a live recording of the podcast from Utah’s premiere comedy club, Wiseguys!

After the show make sure you listen to the comedy of: Jordan Makin and Aaron Orlovitz!


OUR 136: Aaron Orlovitz

01.06.15 028

Episode 136 of Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon & Sascha Blume welcomes the very funny and entertaining Aaron Orlovitz.
The show starts with the bagel scooping epidemic in New York in an attempt to cut carbs which lead them to New Year Resolutions. They each discuss their resolutions, or lack thereof, for the New Year.

Aaron discusses the sketches he and fellow Ear Whole Media Podcaster Jackson Banks have made together.

He also talks about how he got his start in comedy by opening for musicians. He goes over his joke writing process and how he overcame the fear of bombing.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio



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