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OUR 150: “Cause You Hollywood”


No guests, No Johnny McKeon on Episode 150 of OUR!

Let’s just say the show goes off the tracks!

Sascha Blume, Wayne Thompson Jr. and Brittany Johnson discuss Wayne being ‘Hollywood,’ and getting a new job co hosting the ‘Frankie and Jess show, ‘on 97.1 ZHT weekdays from 6-10 a.m.

We discuss: media departures, Snapchat and broadcasting failures!

We also discuss the idea that skin color might be the reason why Steven ‘Steph,’ Curry is hated in the NBA!

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio!

Johnny McKeon:https://twitter.com/JohnnyMcKeon
Sascha Blume:https://twitter.com/Mr_Blume
Brittany Johnson: https://twitter.com/bjohnsonABC4
Wayne Thompson Jr. https://mtwitter.com/wayneonair

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OUR 149: Frankie Corrigan, from the Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!


Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 149: Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Brittany Johnson welcome Frankie from the Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!

Frankie delves into his roots in Detroit, his start in radio and the importance of developing a great work ethic!

Frankie mentions the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in a DJ and how he preps his show! He also discusses the importance of finding balance between work and his personal life.

Frankie explains his love for the Salt Lake market!

He gives advice on dealing with office politics and how he deals with having to be competitive

Frankie closes out the show by sharing his side of the Opie & Anthony ‘Jocktober,’ incident!

All this and More On Ol’ Ute Radio!

Johnny McKeon:


Sascha Blume:


Brittany Johnson:





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OUR 146: ABC4 Good4Utah Anchor, Nadia Crow!


Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Wayne Thompson Jr. welcome ABC4 Good4Utah Anchor and Reporter, Nadia Crow to the show!

Crow explains how she went from Syracuse University to becoming the first black female primetime news anchor in the State of Utah.

She emphasizes the distinction between ‘News Anchor,’ and ‘Television Host,’ the importance of journalistic integrity, and why she chose news over sports reporting.


Nadia also talks about dealing with the expectations that come with the color of her skin… She also shares her perspective on the responsibility of being a role model in the community and how that has made her grow both a person and as a media personality!

Nadia Crow anchors the 4 p.m. newscast everyday on ABC 4 Utah.

All this and More on Episode 146 of Ol’ Ute Radio!

Watch her news reports on ABC 4 Utah at 5p.m. and 6 p.m.

Good 4 Utah http://www.good4utah.com/team/nadia-crow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nadianewsnow?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadianewsnow/?hl=en


OUR 135: ABC4’s Brian Carlson!


Johnny, Sascha & Wayne welcome ABC4 Anchor of Good Morning Utah and announcer of Good Things Utah, Brian Carlson!
‘OUR,’ starts with Carlson talking about his career in television and why he wanted to become a professional broadcaster!
Carlson shares his story of how he won his first regional Emmy and his background as an Art major at BYU.We also discuss the dangers of being a field reporter, coping with witnessing death and the safety of journalism as a whole.

Please check out: http://wish.org/


OUR 134: Piggy has the Conch with Wayne Thompson Jr.


Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon welcome 97.1 ZHT’s Wayne Thompson Jr. back to Ol’ Ute Radio. The episode starts out with a discussion of the surprising number of introverts that have jobs in the media. Johnny shares advice from Broadcast Hall of Famer, Craig Wirth and his theory of “hiding behind the microphone.”

Blume talks about the success of Adele despite the lack of confidence in her craft and how difficult it is to deal with the vulnerability of being an artist.

Wayne Thompson Jr., Sascha and Johnny all talk about their roles in media and their careers. Johnny is struggling with being authentic on the microphone and on air and Wayne discusses similar situations while Sascha points out that both Johnny and Wayne have to censor themselves in order to perform their jobs.

Sascha Blume shares a story about a football coach berating a young player. This leads Blume to talk about his new found love for BYU Football and shaking Bronco Mendenhall’s hand.

Talks of the recent attacks at stadiums in Europe lead to a discussion about escape routes and the safest spot in a stadium.

The show ends discussing Charlie Sheen admitting he has HIV and the boys listen to clips from when he had his meltdown a few years back.

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio.


OUR 095: 97.1 ZHT Wayne Thompson Jr. & ABC 4 News Anchor, Randall Carlisle (Part 2)

8.26.14 002

Episode 95 of Ol’ Ute Radio is packed with good stuff. Rebecca and Sascha begin by making a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer for the music they will play during the show. Since the first guest is 97.1 ZHT DJ, Wayne Thompson Jr., the first half of the show is full of listening and discussing Top 40 hits. Thompson explains a little bit about the way Top 40 stations work and tells us his favorite parts of the job.
Catch him on Instagram & Twitter: @waynethompsonjr
Following Thompson’s interview, ABC4 Utah’s own Randall Carlisle is welcomed back into the OUR studio. The discussion is somewhat of a “part two” in follow-up of the first appearance which was full of incredible stories from his life in journalism and media. He tells the crazy tale of how he was the first person worldwide to break news of Jim Morrison’s death and being at Kent State during the shootings.
It’s not a show to be missed! Thank you for listening, we love our fans. Contact us anytime at oluteradio@gmail.com.