People’s Podshow 004: From the Archives, The Life and Times of MLK!


The show starts with Ed Munoz, the Director of Ethnic Studies at the U. Munoz discusses Sybrina Fulton’s speech and the upcoming events for “Beneath the Hoodie: A Look at Racial Profiling in America.”


The show then focuses its conversations to the injustices that the African American community’s deals with on a day to day bases in America.


Sheena Nyann and Dr. Brian Hotchkins panel this discussion.

Be prepared to have one of the most uplifting educations on topics that involve prejudice, racism and sexism.


People’s Podshow 003: Steady Mobbin’ with Dusk Raps!


Episode 3: Steady Mobbin’ with Dusk Raps!

In this episode of the People’s Podshow I interviewed one of Utah’s seminal rap artists: Dusk Raps!

Dusk has been reppin’ the 801 since ’96 (OG,

Triple OG status). He came in and talked about his new single, “Yung O’Shea,” he talks about the young artists he’s been keeping tabs on, being a white rapper in Utah and why he isn’t an Eminem fan.


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You can find Dusk’s music at https://bandcamp.com/duskraps

These social media outlets:

 https://twitter.com/DuskRaps

 https://www.facebook.com/dusk.raps

 https://www.instagram.com/duskraps/

Stay tuned after the episode for a musical accompaniment by our house DJ, the

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People’s Podshow 002: In the Stu with Bijuu!

Raspberry Jams Vol. 2

Bijuu is a young Utah producer who has been on my radar for a while now. I received his first official beat tape, Crab Cakes, in my inbox last summer and proceeded to write a review for SLUG magazine and for some reason, it didn’t get published. I promised him I’d get a review published (if I could) and help promote his work — so when I heard his new project, Raspberry Jams Vol. 2, I just had to have him on the show — his ear for samples and drums is seasoned far beyond his years.


Check out Bijuu’s work at bandcamp.com and contact thepeoplespodshow@gmail.com if you’d like to lease or buy any instrumentals.

After the interview, listen up for a mix from in-house turntablist Street Jesus! You can catch Jesus De La Calle spinning at Bourbon House on Fridays and Sundays.

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People’s Podshow 001: Ground Zero… Nowhere to go but up…


I almost let the perfect timing to talk about Black History Month, Black Lives Matter, and police brutality go because I’m on…. Nah, I’m not gonna say it. Black History Month just ended, and with every passing year people tend to pose the same questions: why does Black History Month exist? Is it important to celebrate or is it an antiquated ritual that needs to be abolished?

Let me put this on record. I am a HUGE fan of Black History Month! Black History Month is a perfect way to show America how integral my ancestors were to the development of this country despite a stacked deck. At the BHM events I went to I chose to share a story about a man named James P. Beckwourth who blazed trails through Utah before it was a state in the Union.

Don’t be afraid to express your pride in your heritage in healthy ways!

This episode contains an edited hip-hop accompaniment by Street Jesus. You can download our podcast mixes for free at: http://www.mixcrate.com/thepeoplespodshow/dj_mixes


People’s Podshow 000: Intro

TPP-logo-ehm-2color-black copyI was born in a small suburb south of Chicago, Illinois, called Blue Island. I arrived in Utah after being stationed at Hill Air Force Base. Although I enjoyed my time in the military, the job did not suit my peaceful sensibilities or my inclination toward helping others in a personal capacity. Working with kids, whether it be mentoring, coaching, or teaching, is my passion. My dream, as grandiose as it sounds, is to enact change in the urban areas of America by developing social and athletic programs, promoting education and creating community solidarity activities to counteract the influence of gangs, drugs and sedentary lifestyles. I plan to use my podcast as a networking and marketing tool for my friends and associates, as well as a springboard for my community endeavors.

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