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People’s Podshow 018: Presenting Poet…

Considering his lifestyle and sensibilities, there’s no wonder why Poet has been a part of the Podshow since its inception!

With topics that focus on politics, homelessness and social justice, he’s active in the community through his art and his profession (he works at the Road Home).

You can hear his passion for societal change in his sophomore album, Radical Thought, which drops January 29th on iTunes for $4.99. It features local talent like Dusk Raps and Myster E, as well as Chris Rivers, the son of deceased rap legend Big Pun. #forthepeople


People’s Podshow 017: DJ Spotlight #2 – Street Jesus…The West Village Sessions

I coaxed my homie into making some mixes for the podcast last summer and even though the conditions weren’t the best and he was a bit inebriated we hammered out a few mixes in my small sweltering apartment on the University of Utah campus.

The blend I’m featuring this week was an attempt to reach every ear I could. It’s a 36-minute edited mix of contemporary songs with a few older songs mixed in so you, your backpacker homies, the party goers, and even the old school heads can vibe wherever you listen to music at.

I think I got everyone covered. Let me know what you think about the mix and if you have music to contribute or want to lend your skills on the turntables, please send your material to thepeoplespodshow@gmail.com.


People’s Podshow 016: DJ Spotlight – Street Jesus

Greetings! In an attempt to bring you a musical component to the podshow I am featuring mixes from local DJs! Our first mix was made by none other than DJ Street Jesus and contains a 45-minute medley of Rock, Soul, Rap, and R&B from his personal playlist! Tune in every other week (or our “bye” weeks) for another blend! We’ve already curated Utah Hip-Hop mixes, top-40 mixes, edited mixes, instrumental mixes and more for your listening pleasure!

If you’d like to lend your songs or your skills on the turntables please email us at: thepeoplespodshow@gmail.com or send samples of your work to our Dropbox account at: wild100roseland@gmail.com.


People’s Podshow 015: Moise Bently — Highly Recommended!

Moise Bently’s (think “noise” with an “m”) came to me by referral. That was the first unique thing about this interview. The second? Most of the rappers I am put in contact with are from Utah and don’t really have a polished, international aura about them like Bently. Even though he hasn’t done much press, he presented himself as a polished professional and came with a high recommendation from one of Utah’s most heralded rap artists and battle emcees, Emerson Kennedy (aka EMRSN or EK).

In this interview, we introduce Moise to the People’s Podshow audience and discuss everything from philanthropy, to cars, to fashion, to his native land, the Ivory Coast. I have a feeling that Moise won’t be making any slow-paced, introspective, politically-charged songs any time soon. For now, his modus operandi seems to be making club hits and radio anthems in an attempt to gain an audience before he gets into the studio to make a full-fledged entry to his discography. Whatever the future holds for Bently, don’t expect excuses and complacency to be a part of his day-to-day operation. “It’s all about hard work…” he says.

You can hear and see more from Moise Bently @MoiseBentlyMusic and:





People’s Podshow 014: Elevated with the Muzic Clan

V.O. Sensei and Shado of the Muzic Clan/Free Nation stopped by our West Valley recording home on Sunday, December 11th to share what they’ve been up to. Besides the new single and video for Elevate, recording new music and performing at shows, we talk about sports and the artists they keep an ear to the internet for like Isaiah Rashad, SZA, Kendrick Lamar and fellow clan member MPH.

They’ve got a show at Urban Lounge for SLUG Localized and a basketball camp for the youth at the Boys & Girls Club in Glendale on the 30th of December on the horizon under the moniker of Level Up Hoops. With their creativity, exuberance, and work ethic it’s hard to see the Muzic Clan slowing down soon. The question is, will you be a part of the movement or will you get left behind?

Catch up to V.O. Sensei and the Music Clan at:





Muzic Clan/Free Nation Top 5 Utah Artists (No Order)
Vinnie Cassius
Zac Ivie
Swell Merchants



People’s Podshow 013: A Swell Time with the Swell Merchants


Swell Merchants (Ethan the Barber and Young Ass Nico) have burst into Utah rap fans’ consciousness in the past couple years with magnum force. Now that they’ve gained a following, they’ve started to refine their style and streamline their crew by experimenting with new producers and DJs. One thing they didn’t change was their passion for life, their amazing energy, their solidarity and their love of partying and having fun.

We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon talking about music, sports, our thoughts on social media interactions and, of course, Utah Hip-Hop. Although there is a lot to complain about for young men of color living in a homogeneous community, it seems as if the duo focuses on being positive, networking with local talent (such as Khensu, Erasole James, and Apaullo) and finding ways to navigate their wave into a successful movement.

To find out more about the Swell Merchants listen to this episode and look for their music on SoundCloud at:


*Nico’s birthday celebration and album release party for his new release, Diamond Life LoverBoy, is December 16th at the Loading Dock in Salt Lake City.


People’s Podshow 012: United We Stand with Lex Scott & Angela Reed!


If you’ve never listened to the People’s Podshow this would be a good time to start!

This week, we had the extreme pleasure of hosting Lex Scott, founder of Utah’s preeminent social justice group, the United Front. We briefly discuss their history, what they are doing currently, and what they plan on doing in the future. We were joined by the U.F.’s president, Angela Reed, a short while into the interview (by phone). She shared her insightful views on economics, education and unity as well.

Do you want to know the difference between #blacklivesmatter and the United Front? Do you want to know/discuss why black nationalism is important? Would you like to know how you can join the United Front and other organizations aimed at making the valley (and the world) a better place? Tune in to find out and/or follow the links below!




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