People’s Podshow 012: United We Stand with Lex Scott & Angela Reed!


If you’ve never listened to the People’s Podshow this would be a good time to start!

This week, we had the extreme pleasure of hosting Lex Scott, founder of Utah’s preeminent social justice group, the United Front. We briefly discuss their history, what they are doing currently, and what they plan on doing in the future. We were joined by the U.F.’s president, Angela Reed, a short while into the interview (by phone). She shared her insightful views on economics, education and unity as well.

Do you want to know the difference between #blacklivesmatter and the United Front? Do you want to know/discuss why black nationalism is important? Would you like to know how you can join the United Front and other organizations aimed at making the valley (and the world) a better place? Tune in to find out and/or follow the links below!





People’s Podshow 011: Cosplay Crusaders!


My guests this week; Kira, Asbhy and Andy are the focus of this episode and they are cosplay enthusiasts. What does that mean? Essentially, they gather with friends and dress up as characters from anime, cartoons, comics, movies and television shows! Sometimes at conventions and, of course, on Halloween, but hey, sometimes for fun… because entering another world or another persona is fun, right?

The group talks about an upcoming event called Anime Banzai, how many costumes they own, which characters they like portraying the most and even weightier topics like body shaming and harassment in the cosplay community.

Do you have a hobby you like to that is often scrutinized? Visit the People’s Podshow’s Facebook page and tell us your story. If you are in the Greater Salt Lake are and you are interested in banding together with a motley crew of part-time heroes and villains contact Kiki Furia (Kira’s stage name so-to-speak) on Facebook as well.

May the force be with you? Nanu nanu? Live long and prosper? Insert whatever catch phrase you want here. As long as you’re excellent to each other when you party on dudes.


People’s Podshow 010: ‘Bear Head,’ Dialogue!


Hello faithful listeners! This episode contains a look into the endeavors of my friends at Bear Head music!

Emcee HQ (who goes by the name of Eddington now) and producer/hype man Milo Green are the founding members, and they brought in new recruit and California native Sundaii to talk about their passions and plans.

They brought in some new music as well, but the release date is not set in stone yet!

Follow Bear Head Music on their quest to share their music with the world by visiting: https://soundcloud.com/bearheadhq


People’s Podshow 009: Relationships (Part 3) A Chat with my fellow Airmen!


For the masculine part of my four-part series dealing with relationships, I had my friends Richard and

Matt (not Frank) in the studio with me to share their opinions on what attracts them to women and how they see themselves growing with age and experience. This series has been fun to record, however, I feel like my friends are a bit more reserved than they would be if we were speaking off the record!

Another issue with this week’s Podshow is the congruity of thoughts. My military buddies and I are all single, conservative, military veterans who run in the same circles. I really wanted to get a diverse group of men that could represent a more varied outlook on the subject matter, but my guests had some very interesting viewpoints regardless.

In the next episode of this series, I will be interviewing a group of men and women to compare what was said in the previous shows and, most importantly, see if I can find a common ground when it comes to relationships between men and women. I don’t know if I have learned much that I didn’t know about the sexes in general, yet I feel as if I have learned new things about my peers and myself. I have a lot of work to do before I become the venerable leader of a healthy family.


People’s Podshow 008: Relationships (Part 2) Listen up fellas…


This week I had the pleasure of having the Kira, Nasheda, Maykela, Henia, Jasmine, Alyssha and Ashley in studio. The ladies spilled tea and drank lemonade in a discussion that included topics like: How they feel men should approach women, what some of our faults are, and how we can keep our relationships running strong.

Communication is the number one issue the ladies wanted to talk about. No one brought up intimacy or material items — the ability to be transparent and genuine was the one thing that the ladies agreed on. Nasheda said, “It’s not what you say necessarily, but how you say it,” and I totally agree. Being able to talk to the opposite sex takes practice and patience for most of us, so always remember to be respectful and even keeled.

In the next podcast, I’ll interview three men and get a masculine perspective. How do you think the male point of view will differ from the ladies when it comes to relationships and discourse? Tune in, this should be good.


People’s Podshow 007: Relationships (Part One)


I usually schedule more than one guest per show because I don’t like to be stuck in the studio talking to myself. This Sunday was one of those solitary days where I had no one to talk to and my preparation time was wasted, which left me feeling pretty down. Lashing out at people was my normal way of dealing with situations like these, but I’m learning not to take things personally and looking to improving myself is a tactic I’ve used to help me in my dealings with others.

We all have relationships; some mean more to us than others, whether it is with a family member, friend or romantic partner.  The theme behind this show is self-evaluation and improvement of said relationships. Specifically, what are your flaws and how do you plan on improving them? Why?

Who can’t benefit from honest self-evaluation from time-to-time? My challenge to you is assessing your flaws and making a conscious plan to improve them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Challenge yourself to become a better person—your peers and the people who look up to you will notice — I am certain of it.

Patience, punctuality, and controlling the tone and pitch of my voice are some of the immediate goals I want to work on. In the long-term I have fleshed out plenty of goals, including: becoming more financially stable, earning an MSW (and maybe a PhD), saving for my son’s college, traveling to Africa (and many other places), starting my own non-profit, buying a home in Chicago… it’s a really long list. I encourage you to write down your goals and discuss the plans you have in respects to strengthening relationships. I need your help family.


People’s Podshow 006: Zigaaaa!!!


Biz Fam’s Zigga, stopped by the studio to talk about his new album: “Cherubs &Scarubs!”

We also talk fatherhood!

He’s no newcomer to the life of a rap! Zigga has been in the SLC Hip-Hop scene for six years. Backed by Elm Productions and Audio Aquarium, his new project promises to be memorable!

Smoke Zigga

Listen to his music!!!

You can find his new material every Wednesday at: https://soundcloud.com/ziggabiz


People’s Podshow 005: No Games with Erasole James!


“The lost love child of Kurt Cobain,” was in studio with me to discuss his upcoming projects and we discuss ideas on how to unify the: Utah hip-hop scene.

Despite his humble nature, Erasole James (a.k.a. Awe Rosa) is arguably the leader of one of Utah’s most well-known rap groups, the Dine Krew! Awr Rosa is also a budding solo print and recording artist.

His latest release, Tawa’s Nephew, along with all of he and Dine Krew’s previous material is available for free on bandcamp (or you could be cool and donate a little scratch). Now that’s love.

Find Erasole James here: https://erajames.bandcamp.com/

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