OUR 140: ABC 4 ‘Good Morning Utah,’ producer Brittany Johnson!


‘OUR,’ welcomes Brittany Johnson!

Brittany is the producer on Good Morning Utah for ABC4, and social media correspondent for Real Sports Live.

Brittany explains her job duties as morning show producer for Good Morning Utah and working Sunday nights at Real Sports Live as the Social Media Correspondent.

McKeon and Johnson talk about being nervous on TV and the differences between live TV and radio.

Blume shares his two cents about working in both industries and explains the importance of journalism and its impact on the community.


Johnson explains the decision to move to Utah from Los Angeles, being a black woman working in Media, and her work ethic. She also addresses the diversity issue in Utah and her experiences living in the Beehive State.

The conversation turns to the media’s portrayal of Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, Kanye West’s fall from grace, Los Angeles having two sports teams, growing up a Lakers Fan and the rise of LA Clippers.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 140

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OUR 139: Fox 13’s Big Budah!


We discuss his love for media, his days as a ‘stunt boy,’ in radio and his amazing career as the features reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven.

Budah discusses his hectic work life and the struggle of being a great father!

We also discuss: censorship in the media, maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to get a career in media.

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OUR 138: ‘SunDancin’ with Associated Press Correspondent Allen Mcginnis!


The boys embark on the Sundance Film Festival 2016!

Johnny and Sascha have a great discussion with Associated Press Correspondent Allen Mcginnis.

They discuss the history of Sundance, how Sundance really works!

Mcginnis shares his story covering Hurricane Katrina and his understanding of what is content and what is context in media.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio.

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OUR 137: ‘We Hardly Knew Ye’ with Comedian Christian Pieper


Episode #137 of Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes comedian Christian Pieper as he prepares to leave Salt Lake City, Utah for Los Angeles!

Sascha Blume and Pieper talk about past beefs and dealing with in-authentic people in media and the business of SHOW.

Pieper explains his perspective on the importance of being an authentic person on stage and his reasons for leaving the Salt Lake Comedy scene.

The boys discuss comedic writing, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders!

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio

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OUR 136: Aaron Orlovitz

01.06.15 028

Episode 136 of Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon & Sascha Blume welcomes the very funny and entertaining Aaron Orlovitz.
The show starts with the bagel scooping epidemic in New York in an attempt to cut carbs which lead them to New Year Resolutions. They each discuss their resolutions, or lack thereof, for the New Year.

Aaron discusses the sketches he and fellow Ear Whole Media Podcaster Jackson Banks have made together.

He also talks about how he got his start in comedy by opening for musicians. He goes over his joke writing process and how he overcame the fear of bombing.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio




OUR 135: ABC4’s Brian Carlson!


Johnny, Sascha & Wayne welcome ABC4 Anchor of Good Morning Utah and announcer of Good Things Utah, Brian Carlson!
‘OUR,’ starts with Carlson talking about his career in television and why he wanted to become a professional broadcaster!
Carlson shares his story of how he won his first regional Emmy and his background as an Art major at BYU.We also discuss the dangers of being a field reporter, coping with witnessing death and the safety of journalism as a whole.

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OUR 134: Piggy has the Conch with Wayne Thompson Jr.


Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon welcome 97.1 ZHT’s Wayne Thompson Jr. back to Ol’ Ute Radio. The episode starts out with a discussion of the surprising number of introverts that have jobs in the media. Johnny shares advice from Broadcast Hall of Famer, Craig Wirth and his theory of “hiding behind the microphone.”

Blume talks about the success of Adele despite the lack of confidence in her craft and how difficult it is to deal with the vulnerability of being an artist.

Wayne Thompson Jr., Sascha and Johnny all talk about their roles in media and their careers. Johnny is struggling with being authentic on the microphone and on air and Wayne discusses similar situations while Sascha points out that both Johnny and Wayne have to censor themselves in order to perform their jobs.

Sascha Blume shares a story about a football coach berating a young player. This leads Blume to talk about his new found love for BYU Football and shaking Bronco Mendenhall’s hand.

Talks of the recent attacks at stadiums in Europe lead to a discussion about escape routes and the safest spot in a stadium.

The show ends discussing Charlie Sheen admitting he has HIV and the boys listen to clips from when he had his meltdown a few years back.

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio.


OUR 133: With the beautiful! Patrick Ramirez


Mckeon starts out the show asking Blume if he would ever pose as Santa Claus due to his Jewish heritage!

The gentlemen  discuss their positions in media and how that affects their mindsets and day to day lives!

Johnny talks about his efforts to create successful promotions and how to draw a crowd to events.  Sascha talks about the University of Utah Football Program’s first loss of the season to the USC Trojans and why Sascha is no longer a fan of the University of Utah Utes. McKeon weighs in on the Lamar Odom situation and Keeping up with Kardashians.

Comedian and former Co-Host Patrick Ramirez jumps into the conversation and talks about life as a stand up comedian in Los Angeles. Stories range from getting a manager, nightmare auditions, writing material and playing into his Latino ethnicity, learning Spanish curse words and getting into festivals.

The conversation shifts into the ethics of sexting, the prospect of tinder and online dating. Sascha talks about his fears of getting older without settling down and the daunting task of attempting to solicit lovers and date online.

All this and more on Ol Ute Radio Episode # 133


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