OUR 148: ‘We’re all story tellers!’ With Broadcaster/Journalist Philip Isom!


OUR welcomes: ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Pac-12 Network and Utah Jazz videographer, Philip Isom!

Moreover, Isom has traveled America as a journalist and producer of some of the most tragic and beautiful news stories America has created in the last 30 years!

Isom shares his thoughts on broadcasting and the future of media!

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OUR 147: Masters of Illusion: Magician Michael Grandinetti!

Michael Grandinetti - 2016 Headshot

OUR welcomes magician Michael Grandinetti on Episode 147! Many of you might know Grandinetti from his hit TV show: “Masters of Illusion,” on CW 30!

Grandinetti shares details about his ‘White House,’ visit and performing magic in front of President Barack Obama!

He also discusses the difference between performing for a smaller crowd and performing magic in arenas with 70,000 people!

Michael Grandinetti - NFL Halftime Stadium Levitation

Grandinetti talks about the importance of prep work, his dedication to the craft, making what seems impossible appear effortless, and the crucial personal competitive edge that is required to top his previous illusions and past performances!

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode #147



@GrandinettiMG – https://twitter.com/grandinettimg



OUR 146: ABC4 Good4Utah Anchor, Nadia Crow!


Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Wayne Thompson Jr. welcome ABC4 Good4Utah Anchor and Reporter, Nadia Crow to the show!

Crow explains how she went from Syracuse University to becoming the first black female primetime news anchor in the State of Utah.

She emphasizes the distinction between ‘News Anchor,’ and ‘Television Host,’ the importance of journalistic integrity, and why she chose news over sports reporting.


Nadia also talks about dealing with the expectations that come with the color of her skin… She also shares her perspective on the responsibility of being a role model in the community and how that has made her grow both a person and as a media personality!

Nadia Crow anchors the 4 p.m. newscast everyday on ABC 4 Utah.

All this and More on Episode 146 of Ol’ Ute Radio!

Watch her news reports on ABC 4 Utah at 5p.m. and 6 p.m.

Good 4 Utah http://www.good4utah.com/team/nadia-crow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nadianewsnow?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadianewsnow/?hl=en


OUR 145: G*DS favorite Seamen… With comedians Aaron Orlovitz and Jonathan Falconer!

4.16.16 002

Comedians and newest members of the EarWholeMedia.com, Jonathan Falconer and Aaron Orlovitz join Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume on Episode 145 of Ol’ Ute Radio!

Jonathan and Aaron discuss their new podcast show on the network! Orlovitz reveals his reclaimed virginity and Falconer discusses pharmacology and and his domination on Tinder!

Sascha helps Aaron plan his own murder and Jonathan and Johnny debate the personality traits necessary to become a successful Cult Leader.

The conversation leads to religion and politics, the pecking order of prison and Aaron shares a story of when he was arrested and charge for ‘contempt of court.’

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 145.

Enjoy a Sting and Jerry Garcia session at the end of the episode!


OUR 143: The Value of an Image!


Brittany Johnson joins Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon to talk about Donald Trump’s presence in Utah and the impact/intentions of a peaceful protest!
The conversation turns to Bernie Sanders and his rally with a turnout of over 14,000 people.

Sascha, Johnny, and Brittany debate socialism and education.
Wayne Thompson Jr. arrives just in time to hear the Kanye West ‘quote of the day,’ and talk about Gawker’s recent settlement of 115$ million for Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio…


OUR 142: It’s not one of the 7 DIRTY WORDS! With Michelle Bodkin of Utezone.com

03.15.16 031

OUR welcomes the great Michelle Bodkin of Utezone.com! We talk Pac-12 basketball, the Lady Red Rock’s and why sports ‘fans,’ don’t watch women’s sports!

Wayne Thompson Jr of 97.1 ZHT joins the show and we talk Travis Wilson, Utah football and Travis Wilson!

We play: ‘5 Questions,’ with comedian Patrick Ramirez!


Did Blume release the Truffle Shuffle Dance Competition?

03.15.16 011(2)

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OUR 141: ‘Rap Scallions,’ with Keith McDonald


Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes former co-host Keith McDonald back to the show. Keith McDonald has started a new podcast on EarwholeMedia.com (The People Pod Show)!

Keith explains his hesitations with being labeled an activist, his involvement in local communities, and how he will never attend a protest without having any bail money!

Blume and Keith debate solutions to police shootings!

Wayne Thompson Jr. And Johnny McKeon discuss mayor Jackie Biskupski’s handling of the footage of the Abdi Mohamed shooting in Salt Lake City.

The conversation turns to Hip-Hop as Johnny reads from Kanye’s book “Thank you and you’re welcome,” and McDonald reviews Kanye’s new album, “The Life of Pablo.”

Topics include the entertainment value of Kendrick Lamar, the importance of KRS-One and the current state of Hip Hop.

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio

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