Jockularity 029: Mascot Madness

Rick Aaron And Dave Wilbur Jockularity Show

Rick Aaron And Dave Wilbur.

On this edition of The Jockularity Show We start off with a bang discussing NFL players Jason Pierre-Paul and CJ Wilson losing fingers in 4th of July fireworks accidents, NBA free agency, Dave’s OCD and women’s sports before tackling the most bizarre college sports nicknames like the Banana Slugs, Geoducks, Fire Ants, Gorlocks, Billikens, Boll Weevils, Artichokes, Wombats, Muskies, Sasquatch and Chokers. Dave talks about growing up with angry peafowl (Ever piss off a peacock? I could never stand on one long enough!) We wrap up with a DeAndre Jordan Free Agent Soap Opera Edition of Tweets of the Week.


Jockularity 028: Heeeeeere’s Jonny!

Jockularity 028

Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur

On this edition of The Jockularity Show Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur catch up with the guy who made “The Catch” former BYU tight end Jonny Harline who fills the boys in on that legendary game winning touchdown from the 2006 Utah game and everything since including his NFL experience, his career-ending injury, rocking out as a guitarist in the band Perfect Disorder and what he’s doing now. Then it’s NBA Draft talk as Rick & Dave discuss the Utah Jazz picks Trey Lyles & Olivier Hanlan and Draft Night attire. Sport/Not A Sport features Beer Pong, Hornussen, Yukigassen and Kabadddi before the show wraps with Jazz imposter pick Connor Toole and a #JazzDraft edition of Tweets of the Week. Jonny + Jazz + jokes = Jockularity!


Jockularity 027: Caucasian Heritage Edition

Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur

Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur

On this edition of The Jockularity Show Dave Wilbur and Rick Aaron get the ball rolling with the Golden State Warriors winning the 2015 NBA Championship, Pablo Sandoval’s Instagram potty break, does a Tiger shoot in the Woods, Mormon Bryce Harper hating BYU and the most bizarre nicknames in minor league sports.

The show wraps up with a discussion of the Orem Owlz “Caucasian Heritage Night” fiasco and a ‘caucasian heritage,’ edition of Tweets of the Week.

Along the way, we learn that Dave is good with chopsticks and Rick knows Southern foods like crawdads and hushpuppies.


Jockularity 026: Harvey Unga

Dave Wilbur, Harvey Unga, Rick Aaron

Episode #26 | On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Rick Aaron &¬†Dave Wilbur sit down with¬†Brigham Young University’s all-time leading rusher Harvey Unga to discuss all aspects of his roller coaster career, telling Rick & Dave how he wound up with the Cougars after initially committing to Utah, his unforgettable moments against the Utes and his emotions when his BYU career ended suddenly. Unga goes on to share details about his NFL career with the Chicago Bears, his business endeavors, future NFL hopes, relationship with BYU’s coaches and administration and the current state of Cougar football. Then it’s the odd coincidence of LeBron James & Steph Curry being born at the same hospital, Bossaball and Zorbing in Sport/Not A Sport and a FIFA corruption scandal edition of Tweets of the Week.

Strap on your helmet and chomp down on your mouthpiece because like Harvey, this edition of the Jock Show is hard to stop.


Jockularity 025: DJ Jazzy Jody

Rick Aaron, Jody Genessy, Dave Wilbur

On this edition of The Jockularity Show Utah Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy (@DJJazzyJody) of the Deseret News joins Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur to talk about the team he covers, the NBA travel grind, the Playoffs, the Draft and his own personal struggles with depression and his weight. Then Jody sticks around to chime in on Part 2 of athlete foods and beverages, haggis hurling, calva and lagori in Sport/Not A Sport, Dave’s Electrical Tip and our NBA Playoff Lottery edition of Tweets of the Week. Jovial Jody + Jazz = a Jockularious edition of The Jock Show.


Jockularity 024: Jan Jorgensen Edition

5.17.15 059

On this edition of The Jockularity Show, former BYU football standout Jan “Janimal” Jorgensen drops by the Jockularity studios to discuss his Cougar glory days and his subsequent careers as a sports talk radio host, an MMA fighter and a high school football coach. Janimal hangs around to chime in on the Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn breakup, Deflateglate, athletes with their own food products like “OchocincOs” and the Mitt Romney-Evander Holyfield “boxing match” for charity. Let’s get ready to RUM-BLLLLLLEEEEEEE. This Janimated Jock Show really packs a punch.



Jockularity 023: Light The Fires and Kick The Tires

Dave, Michelle and Rick

On This episode of The Jockularity Show, Sportswriter and aspiring sideline reporter Michelle Bodkin drops by the studio to discuss Utes football and the most memorable interviews she’s done for UteZone.com. Michelle hangs around as Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur talk about the top regular season NFL matchups, more extreme ballpark food, the worst tattoos in sports and an Aus-some postgame interview. Then it’s Monster Trucks, fireball soccer, pillow fights and the Hemp Olympics in Sport/Not A Sport before the guys wrap it up with Dave’s Electrical Tip and a Tim Tebow edition of Tweets of the Week. Kick the tires and light the fires, it’s a sizzling hour of Jockularity.

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