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OUR 039: Steve Schmall and Comedy Writer, Doug O. Perkins


Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume talk about an appearance made by the Utah Jazz Dancers to promote Cancer Awareness. Johnny shares his experiences having to move his hoarder parents. Sascha Blume talks about his upcoming move and how he has done nothing to prepare for it. Sascha has a run in with the campus cops after they threatened to shut down K-UTE Radio for playing music too loud.
Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes National Physique Committee Steve Schmall Chairman. Steve talks about the influence that Arnold Schwarzenegger had on him as a young teen watching Conan. Steve tells the listeners some the history behind Competition bodybuilding in Utah, what supplements to use and great advice for what to look for when choosing a trainer. The local NPC Show is October 19. More information can be found on www.npcutah.com

Sascha Blume shares some news about a Birthday cake bandit that attacked and molested a cake in a Washington courthouse. A couple in Ogden Utah were wounded from a gun cleaning accident at 2 a.m. Sascha reads an article that summarizes the consequences and repercussions of the events of Oktoberfest.


The boys close out the show with an interview with Comedy Writer Doug O. Perkins. Doug wrote for the show “Scare Tactics” and got his start in Los Angeles with an internship and has not looked back since.


OUR 038: Dani Powers


Johnny informs Sascha about comments that Michael Jordan made about beating Lebron James in a game of one-on-one. Jordan believes that he would beat Lebron but not Kobe Bryant because Kobe has stolen all of Jordan’s moves. Sascha is disappointed in Michael Jordan’s behavior and Johnny feels that Jordan at 50 years old is too old to be acting this way.

Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes Dani Powers, an art student at the University of Utah and newest member of the EAE program here at the university. Besides being super fun and amazing, Dani is an avid cos-player and shares stories and techniques about cosplay and gives Johnny and Sascha an inside look into the culture behind Cosplay. They also talk video games, horror movies, what it means to be an artist and Japanese Manga. Dani explains that she wants to be a concept artist and be involved in the pre-production of video games. Dani also lets the listeners know that the Anime Banzai is coming to SLC in two weeks.

dan dann

The News Segment suffers a major fail as Johnny misunderstands Sascha and powers through a story Sascha wanted to end. Hilarity and confusion ensues and Sascha is befuddled by Johnny’s mistake. It was a long day for Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume.
The boys close out the show with guests, Ryan Meeks and Jarom Norris of “Fusion Radio”. The fellas talk about video games, the choice between the XBOX One and Playstation 4 and all things Zelda.
All this and More on: Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume.
Email Ol’ Ute Radio: Oluteradio@gmail.com


OUR 036: Andy Gold & Matt Knudson

Andy Gold

Ol’ Ute Radio starts the show with another Sascha rant. Johnny tries to teach ‘Doom and Gloom,’ about being positive despite peoples lack of professionalism in a work place settings.

The boys also discuss: Grand Theft IV, the SLC Comedy Carnival, and the ‘Holy War,’ Between the U of U and BYU.

Comedian Andy Gold calls the K-UTE Radio station to say hello and also to teach McKeon his new strategy for reinventing the comedy paradigm.



OUR 034: Bob Bedore and Brian Pope


Johnny McKeon reveals the results from the Warner Brothers Writers Program. Sascha Blume elaborates on his frustrations with the media industry. Johnny announces the end of his long distance relationship with his girlfriend Sarah Isaacson and follows up with the news that Sarah will be returning to Salt Lake City. Johnny now has to find a place for him and Sarah to live. Sascha questions Johnny about using Dating Apps and Social Media for dating.


Salt Lake Comedian Brian Pope stopped by the studio to help close out the show. Brian Pope is originally from Middletown, Maryland and has been doing  comedy since 2011. Johnny and Sascha talk to Brian about moving to New York City to follow his dream of becoming a national Stand up Comedian. Brian talks about his favorite comedians, his influences, his goals with stand up comedian. Brian is hilarious and puts on a great show. Brian explains his process for creating new material and why making the move the New York City is next move he needs to make. He believes he is doing what he is supposed to at the right time. This is Brian Pope’s moment and he is fully committed.

All this and More on Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume.
Email Ol’ Ute Radio: Oluteradio@gmail.com


OUR 033: Jared Shipley and Christopher Stephenson


Jared Shipley is a local actor and writer. A graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Jared has appeared in the film “The Yankles,” which is available on Netflix and will be seen in the upcoming film “Point B” at the Salt Lake City Film Festival on September 29th.


Christopher Stephenson is responsible for The 1st Annual Salt Lake City Comedy Carnivale. Christopher is an Idaho native that brings a dry sarcastic, angry look into everyday encounters. His stand up has been recognized by Salt Lake City Weekly and IN Magazine. “Christopher is hitting the Salt Lake comedy scene with a raw, realistic humor.” -Salt Lake City Weekly. “Stephenson embodies a clever, dry humor. He’s undoubtedly cynical.” -Amanda Jones, IN Magazine. Christopher has opened for comedians, Doug Stanhope, Sean Rouse, and Andy Andrist. Stephenson is the lead writer for sketch show Sketchophrenia.

SLC Comedy Carnivale is the first submission based comedy festival in Utah. When you attend you will see a showcase of both local and national talent all on the same stages. STAND UP. IMPROV. SKETCH. FILM.
$1 from every ticket sold will benefit the MS Society of Utah.
Matt Knudsen (Conan, HBO, Late Late Show)
Lady to Lady (Comedy Central Stage)

Alien Warrior Comedian -Las Vegas NV.
Philip Schallberger -Portland OR.
Whitney Streed -Portland OR.
Christian Spicer -Los Angeles CA.
Laura Crawford -Los Ángeles CA.
Geoff Grant -Las Vegas NV.
Tim Messenger- Denver CO.



OUR 031: Jake Keenum


Director Jake Keenum left the Air Force after serving three years as a diesel mechanic in 2011. He packed his coupe with everything that could fit and left Little Rock, Arkansas to head out west to Utah. Jake had no connections when he arrived to Utah; he left all his friends and family behind. All Jake had was a dream and his passion for film. Jake found a roommate on Craigslist and a church on Google, so after a month of moving to Utah, Jake found his community. He recently married his wife last May. Now, Jake has completed his first feature length film, started a LLC in videography and photography and is in the process of closing on his first home.

till“12 Til Dusk” was originally written as a Western before Director Jake Keenum decided to make it a contemporary tale of morality and consequences.”12 Til Dusk” tells the story of a former gang member who turns his life around to raise a family. His past life of poverty and violence catches up to him, and in the process, loses his family at gunpoint and is ordered to wage war on another gang leader or face dire consequences.
The film was revamped after Jake Keenum spent a great deal of time at the Salt Lake Youth Detention Center. Jake learned that the lack of father figures or proper role-models was the prime factor in these youths becoming involved in gang life. The need for a father to teach a child right from wrong before entering adulthood is so critical that without it, the children are lost. This need for fathering is a central theme and driving force of “12 Til Dusk.” The film is currently in post production and is scheduled for completion in summer 2014.


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