Dirtpod 027: “Going Down…Under”


This week, Marcus and Guy welcome comedian, wood worker, video maker, musician and accent-having Aussie Rich Wilson, a man so talented, it’s frustrating.

We discuss Australia and how it’s a beautiful death trap full of scariness and weirdos. We also talk 90s R&B, Muhammed Ali, our first emotional/musical connections, recently cancelled concerts, our experience hosting the 2016 Royal Fest and try out our didgeridoo impressions.

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Dirtpod 026: “Royally Blissed”


In a very special edition of Dirtpod, Guy and Marcus sit down with rock star and Utah native Neal Middleton, lead singer of the band Royal Bliss.

He talks about the long and challenging journey from starting out as a local reggae rock band to becoming an incredible successful rock band that has toured the country and played with some of the biggest names in music, to now transitioning to a new adventure in country rock.

Along the way, we hear about getting drunk with Kid Rock, the famous people he’s had in his car, which rockers are cool and which ones are dicks and spontaneously burst into an unexpected Disney musical montage.

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Dirtpod 025: “Helmut Deep”


This week, Allen is on vacation, so we asked our good friend, fellow KBER DJ and 20+ year veteran of Utah radio, Helmut Von Schmidt, to sit in and it was a blast.

From discussing bands that people like that we can’t, to hearing about how things have changed in the local music scene over the last 20 years, we have a great time playing with Helmut. (Wink wink).

Oh yeah, and F*ck Jimmy Buffet! Enjoy.


Dirtpod 024: “When Doves Cry”


He was timeless! A musical genius whose talent and influence knew no limits! A pioneer and warrior! A poet and a pimp!

He was a mystery! He was a symbol! He was a legend!

In this episode, we try to keep it together as we discuss the life and shocking tragic loss of Prince!

We also talk about Guy’s recent trip to Vegas to see the very first show of the Guns n’ Roses tour: Why broken feet help you sing better, $15 beers and the alleged Axl/DC tour and what it means for Brian Johnson and his ears.


Dirtpod 023: Old F*cks!


Here’s the thing…

You don’t really know you’re old until you’re old!

It’s true, its damn true!

And although age may be a state of mind, our minds are tired and old too. We bitch about it… but we accept it!

In this episode, that’s exactly what we do!

We accept our fates and bitch about getting older: How things hurt more, how things have changed, how we’ve changed and how it sucks!

We also talk ‘Guns ‘n Roses,’  and  ‘Puddle of Mudd’s,’ Wes Scantlin.

Enjoy our ramblings.


Dirtpod 022: “Politics and Shit… Literally!”


Ok, so once again we had good intentions. We started out talking about Guy spending WAY too much on concert tickets and then somehow ended up taking about our pre-show bathroom rituals. Seriously, I have no idea how this happened. At all! But it did.

Then Allen told a story about Orrin Hatch trying not to shit his pants, which lead to us talking about politics. To be honest, I’m not really sure about what else happened. We talked about Trump at one point, which fit in with both our politics and our shit conversations (buh dum bum).

After that, who knows!


Dirtpod 020: “Gram-me A Break”


Alright, here’s how this works. I’m in charge of writing these descriptions and by the time I get around to it, I’ve pretty much forgotten what we actually talked about.

Here’s what I do remember: we started out wanting to talk about the Grammy’s, which I think we did get around to at some point, but we got distracted on the way.

I remember we talked about the new Wolfmother album, we also talked about summer concerts and I think we somehow ended up talking about old school Happy Meal toys and 80s era McDonald’s Playlands at some point. I don’t know!

I’m sure there’s a bunch of other stuff in there too and I’m sure it’s all hilarious.

Just listen to it, already!


Dirtpod 019: Vulgar Display of White Power


Fully intending to do a 2016 Preview and Predictions show, the guys start off innocently enough by bringing up the controversy surrounding former Pantera lead singer, Phil Anselmo’s recent public racism, and well, an hour later, they finally remember what they wanted to talk about when they started.

In an amazing extended episode that covers everything from Donald Trump to Batman and Japanese crocodile massacres to “FUCK COLDPLAY!”

The guys also somehow find a way to talk about the best and most anticipated albums, movies and TV shows coming out this year.

Strap in, guys, this one’s a doozy.

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