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Area 52 #008: “Famously Suspicious”


When celebrities die, it hits the public hard, especially when they die before their time!

It’s even harder for us when they die under mysterious circumstances that leave no closure and so many unanswered questions!

Some of those deaths end up spawning crazy conspiracy theories!

In this episode, we discuss some of the more famous, or should we say infamous, murders, accidents and tragic celebrity deaths that still haunt us.

From actresses like Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe and Brittany Murphy to musicians like Tupac, Biggie and Kurt Cobain!

We also talk about the details that continue to baffle fans, family, friends and even investigators.

This one will make you think. Download and subscribe now!


Area 52 #007: “What the Hell Happened Here?!?”


Sometimes mysterious things happen that require no belief in the paranormal at all!

We’re talking of course about mysterious murders and disappearances!

Over the years, countless people have been murdered or just plain disappeared without any explanation or suspect, leaving nothing behind but questions.

In this episode, we talk about a few of the famous, and not-so-famous, mysterious incidents that have left police, family members and historians scratching their heads and at a loss for answers.

So dim the lights, sit back, and wonder along with us just what happened to Elizabeth, the Grubers, Elisa, Frederich, Kendrick, Lars and Brandon.


Area 52 #006: “Weather….or not?”


What if there was a machine that could shoot a billion watts of electricity into the planet’s atmosphere and theoretically change the weather or even cause it?

Well there is! It’s called HAARP and, while it might just be a research program funded by both the US Air Force and Navy, it might be also be a super weapon that uses weather, and possibly in conjunction with holograms, for untraceable global attacks.

I know it sounds crazy, but strange lights, weird unnatural cloud formations, wild changing weather patterns and insane noises coming out of the sky all over the globe can’t all be NOTHING!

So, is it weather…or not?


Area 52 #005: “The Antarctic Nazi UFO Hollow Earth Fun Time Adventure Hour”


What if the Nazis found a crashed UFO, reversed engineered it to create a fleet of flying saucer warships and then hid them in an impenetrable fortress in their hollow inner earth Antarctic hideout for Hitler to use after he escaped World War 2?

Well, as crazy as that sounds, there are stories, pictures, documents and alleged firsthand accounts that may actually back up some of these wacky ideas.

All this, plus perhaps Paul McCartney faked his death and is hiding in plain sight and maybe, just maybe. Michael Jackson did the same.

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