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AREA 52 #039: “Keeping It Real”

What if Morpheus from the Matrix was right? What if everything around us, everything we knew, was all a giant and complex simulation run by our more advanced, post-human descendants?

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, there are some really smart people out there that actually believe this could be true, and there seems to be some arguments that actually back this theory up. From some pretty sound logic to actual computer code that seems to be written in the fabric of space, join us this week as we, along with our special guest, our producer Sascha Blume, as we discuss why the idea of all of us living inside a simulation really isn’t that crazy.

Buckle up, kids, it’s about to get deep.


AREA 52 #038: “A World of Monsters”

We’ve all heard about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, they’re famous all around the world. From pictures and sightings and hype, these “celebrity monsters” are household names to even the most skeptical folks out there, but did you know there are a dozens of less famous unexplained cryptids that are reportedly seen all around the world every year?

Join us this week as we, along with return guest Melissa Merlot, take a trip around the globe and discuss the monsters and myths that, while not being as well known, still have many people living in fear. So, are these people crazy or are we all really living in a world full of monsters?


AREA 52 #037: “Witch, Please!”

“In 1692, a small village in Massachusetts called Salem became the site of the most famous witch trials in American history and lead to the deaths of 20 people, but was there any actual witchcraft involved or was it all just an extreme case of mass hysteria brought on by impressionable, attention starved children?

Join us this week as we discuss the sad and fascinating case of the Salem Witch Trials, the reasons why it may have happened and how things really haven’t changed as much as we think.”


AREA 52 #036: “Bases Loaded”

We’ve all heard of Area 51 and the long running rumors that the government allegedly keeps aliens and UFOs there, but were you aware that there are supposedly dozens of these secret bases located around the world? Maybe even some right under your feet!

You see, some people believe that governments have built secret underground bases all over the world. From nuclear submarine bases in China, to a possible Russian death mountain, an alien genetic testing lab in New Mexico and even a CIA run installation in the middle of Australia.

Join us and our once again very special guest, Melissa Merlot, as we discuss the possible existence of these bases, the stories that surround them, what they’re doing and why it’s not all that farfetched to believe they really exist. Subscribe!


AREA 52 #035: “RIP 2016”

2016 was, well, one crazy son of a bitch. It took too many beloved icons to count, and gave us the most insane election ever, but was it really all bad? Or is it just the beginning?

Join us this week as we look back over the moments, losses and episodes of 2016 that we remember most! We also discusses the possible Christmas present from HAARP and our own recent UFO sighting!


AREA 52 #033: “Don’t Try This at Home”

You’ve heard of scary games like Ouija Boards or Bloody Mary that are supposed to contact the other side, but did you know that there’s actually many of these rituals out there?

Some based in history, some come from the dark corners of the internet, but all of them sound scary as hell!

From the infamous Elevator Game to the murderous Midnight Man, a game fit for Three Kings, homemade mirror boxes and something called The Bed of Sorrow, all of them are a big bag of nope.

So join us this week as we read the instruction booklets of some of the Internet’s darkest games!

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