AREA 52 #030: “Magic Bullet Points”


This week we commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the assassination President Kennedy! Even after all these years, there is no clear answer to whom did it. Some people believe the “lone gunman” theory and think that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer! Some people believe that Oswald didn’t act alone!

In this episode we discuss: Who killed President Kennedy! Was it the mafia? Was it the CIA? Could one man in the book depository building have pulled it off or does the infamous ‘Zapruder Film,’ prove that he was shot from the front?

Join us this week as we discuss all the theories, questions, inconsistencies and possible motives behind perhaps the most famous assassination in American history, the murder of JFK!


AREA 52 #029: “The Bodies on the Beach”


In the summer of 2010, the search for a call girl who went missing in an upscale ocean community on Long Island, New York uncovered 10 bodies and a lot of questions!

This lead to an investigation that included a 23 minute 911 call, Craig’s List call girls, a bizarre doctor, police corruption, possible multiple killers and an alleged sex ring for the wealthy. Or it’s just a great place to dump bodies that have nothing to do with each other?

Join the discussion of the mysterious case of the still-at-large Long Island Serial Killer.


AREA 52 #028: “Flying High”


In the early 1980’s a tiny airport in Mena, Arkansas became the center of a huge international drug running operation when a man named Barry Seal came to town.

This was no ordinary operation: Rumors swirled with Seal being tied to the CIA, Pablo Escobar, the Clinton’s’ and the Bush family!

This scenario might sound unreal but it really happened and left behind a lot of questions and a trail of bodies.

So join us this week as we take a look at the unreal story of a small town called Mena.


AREA 52 #027: ‘Keeping Up with the Clintons’


With the election right around the corner and the reality of a Hillary Clinton’s presidency becoming more and more likely every day, we wanted to take a look back at all of the scandals, controversies, conspiracies and general shady behavior that has surrounded the Clintons’ throughout their controversial rise to power.

With a list that includes alleged body counts, drug smuggling operations, real estate scams, fund raising scandals, dead friends and their many “gates”, not to mention the recent turmoil: Like the Benghazi incident, her deleted emails and the controversy that surrounds the Clinton Foundation.

We do our best to give you a rundown on the terms you might be hearing and should understand and the history you should know about.


AREA 52 #026: “Halloweird”


We’re back! Jeez, sorry everyone. It’s been a minute since our last episode and a lot of things have happened since we last recorded, so this week, we’re examining some of the weirdest news stories from the last few weeks, which includes everything from dead UFO researchers to wind sickness, as well as looking back at the history of our favorite holiday, Halloween!


AREA 52 #025: “They’re Listening”


In our 25th episode, we take a look back at our favorite episodes and answer questions from our listeners. We received some great questions and we had a blast answering things like how we met, what’s our favorite conspiracy theory is, which crazy thing do we believe the most, it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to all of you for listening and for keeping your minds open.


AREA 52 #024: “If Walls Could Talk”


In November 2007, a British girl named Meredith Kercher was found murdered in a small town in Italy. The media circus that ensued fascinated the entire world and the prime suspect, her roommate, American Amanda Knox, became a household name.

Now, almost 10 years later, we look back on the crime, the theories, the evidence and the outcome and come to our own conclusions. We also discuss the mysterious 2014 disappearance and death of a local girl named Kayelyn Louder, the strange CCTV footage and 911 calls she left behind and our firsthand account of walking the scene ourselves.


AREA 52 #023: “Mile High Mystery”

Area 52

Every year, millions of people pass through the Denver International Airport not knowing the many conspiracies and unanswered questions that surround it!

From things like its isolated location, massive area, mysterious benefactors and odd, some say even prophetic, artwork leading many to believe that it will act as a doomsday base for the world’s elite, to alleged whistle blowers saying that it’s actually a cover for an underground military base housing prison camps or possibly even aliens, there’s no shortage of crazy ideas, but is any it true?

Join us this week as we check our bags,  endure security and discuss the mile high mystery that is the Denver International Airport.

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