AREA 52 #027: ‘Keeping Up with the Clintons’


With the election right around the corner and the reality of a Hillary Clinton’s presidency becoming more and more likely every day, we wanted to take a look back at all of the scandals, controversies, conspiracies and general shady behavior that has surrounded the Clintons’ throughout their controversial rise to power.

With a list that includes alleged body counts, drug smuggling operations, real estate scams, fund raising scandals, dead friends and their many “gates”, not to mention the recent turmoil: Like the Benghazi incident, her deleted emails and the controversy that surrounds the Clinton Foundation.

We do our best to give you a rundown on the terms you might be hearing and should understand and the history you should know about.

One thought on “AREA 52 #027: ‘Keeping Up with the Clintons’

  1. Mrs. Deutsch - Holman says:

    You presenters on area 52 podcast are very funny and research your subjects well. I love to listen! I do have to tell you that I am an old lady and one fellow on the show is so very offensive and I get angry with him. Why must he say “God damned” so often? Son, please be more considerate of your audience for not all of us are in your age group. I say, I used to patsmack my children’s mouths when that slipped out and I just can’t afford to go find you or I would sit in on a show and patsmack you each time! I hope you think of my comment next and each time it comes out of your mouth from now on and it helps you to curb it a bit!!

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