People’s Podshow 011: Cosplay Crusaders!


My guests this week; Kira, Asbhy and Andy are the focus of this episode and they are cosplay enthusiasts. What does that mean? Essentially, they gather with friends and dress up as characters from anime, cartoons, comics, movies and television shows! Sometimes at conventions and, of course, on Halloween, but hey, sometimes for fun… because entering another world or another persona is fun, right?

The group talks about an upcoming event called Anime Banzai, how many costumes they own, which characters they like portraying the most and even weightier topics like body shaming and harassment in the cosplay community.

Do you have a hobby you like to that is often scrutinized? Visit the People’s Podshow’s Facebook page and tell us your story. If you are in the Greater Salt Lake are and you are interested in banding together with a motley crew of part-time heroes and villains contact Kiki Furia (Kira’s stage name so-to-speak) on Facebook as well.

May the force be with you? Nanu nanu? Live long and prosper? Insert whatever catch phrase you want here. As long as you’re excellent to each other when you party on dudes.

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